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Herbs that help you sleep

Sleep herbs

Insomnia or trouble falling asleep and staying asleep longer covers approx. 40% of the population and because insomnia is classified as diseases of civilization today.

When we talk about insomnia?

When problems with backfill or staying asleep last longer than a month.

Note! If the underlying insomnia is not lair mental problems, rather than a sedative better use of proven, above all, do not cause addiction ways.

In addition to pills that affect the production of melatonin (you buy without a prescription from a pharmacy), to help you herbs and cherry juice. You can also see how aromatherapy works for you, because a lot of people surrounding a bedtime appropriate aroma (eg. Lavender), can gently bring sleep.

Lemon balm sleep

Lemon balm has unique sedative and is increasingly being recommended instead of synthetic drugs in the treatment of insomnia and neuroses. The warm infusion of lemon balm (1-2 sachets of tea or pour a tablespoon of dried leaves with hot water) regularly drink before bedtime.

Valerian for sleep

Studies in patients with sleep problems treated extract of valerian yielded excellent results. Valerian root habit, pour water and let stand for 8 hours then pour over boiling water and cover.

Infusion drink 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Cherry juice for sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you should not reach for the milk, but the cherry juice, because according to the latest research cherry juice acts as a sedative. Affects the level of melatonin is responsible for healthy sleep.

Note! Just 30-50 ml of freshly squeezed juice from cherries diluted with water and drink one hour before bedtime, or as soon as you wake up in the middle of the night.

Essential oils for sleep

Trouble sleeping stray surrounding the delicate aroma of juniper or lavender. You can drizzle the oil lamp or a pillow. You can take a bath before going to bed with the addition of these aromatic oils.

Note! Add them to the water in the bath, but not by the stream flowing from a faucet.

You can also connect oils (jasmine, lavender, chamomile) and add them to a humidifier in the bedroom.


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