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Food for joints

How to protect your joints?

Our joints every day doing a great job. They must therefore be well prepared for it. So let's know what you need to do to be strong and healthy.

A diet that helps joints

His joints can serve by providing them with the ingredients contained in the foods.

It regularly eat at least twice a week, marine fish, because they contain omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the articular cartilage.

Well it is to reach for the so-called. seafood (shrimp, clams), because they are the richest source of glucosamine, and thus its body is made of collagen and are held in cartilage repair processes.

For dessert, choose fruits and jelly (animal gelatin), because the body thus receives vitamin C and proline, which facilitates the production of collagen.

Note! Should be reduced white bread and sugar, because they can exacerbate symptoms caused by degeneration.


Note! Joints do not like to be overloaded and very one-sided loading of the harms the body, and very used them move.

Therefore, you should:

  • maintain a normal body weight;
  • not carry objects (eg they can be. slide);
  • if you need to pick up something, do it with both hands, with straight back and bent legs (it protects the spine against overload);
  • carrying bags need to carry in both hands and should have a similar weight;
  • you need to keep your back straight when performing different work (eg. using vacuuming, raking the garden). Also, when sitting at the desk. Avoid bending over and twisting.

This will help you on pain of joints

Baths and compresses help to ailments that are caused by overloading and diseases of the joints.

Note! Prior to their use, consult your doctor.

Brine bath - the tub with water temperature. 37 degrees C pour salt spa (on the package) and swim around. 10 minutes. This is best done before bedtime.

Mud wrap - warm mass is applied at a canvas and ceratkÄ… on sick pond for 15-30 minutes.

A decoction of the bark of the willow - useful for rheumatism. Tablespoon of bark pour a cup of boiling water and cook for approx. 10 minutes. Strain. Drink 2 times a day.

An infusion of nettle leaves - helps with muscle and joints pain. 2 tablespoons dried pour a cup of boiling water and after approx. 10 minutes, then drain. Drink between meals.

Reign of us stress

Note! You should take care of the mental hygiene because the joints are of major importance.

You can not allow it to harass us long-term stress or depression (in this book how to cope with stress), because such a psychological burden may lead to changes in the synovial fluid and the development of degeneration. They are also one of the factors that increase the risk of experts rheumatoid arthritis.

It should also try to work our own effective method of recovery of the everyday stress. The easiest way would be to regular physical activity, and the activity also improve the metabolism of the joints.

If you smoke cigarettes, it is necessary to fight this addiction, because contained in tobacco smoke toxins may contribute to inflammation in the joints and very them worse. This fosters the development of rheumatism.


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