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When gastroscopy?

Indications and contraindications for gastroscopy

Indications for gastroscopy

Endoscopy because of its invasive nature of the surgery is not recommended for routine or for all patients. The indication for endoscopy will be complaints from the upper abdomen, or upper gastrointestinal tract.


  • difficulty swallowing;
  •  suspected peptic ulcer disease (especially in people over age 45, where according to the recommendations before turning anti-ulcer drugs, make sure the digestive ulcer or ulcer is cancerous).

Therefore, when there is known to be an indication of very strong. Then the doctor sees, whether they are ulcers, and if so, are collected clippings, to see just what is the structure of the ulcer.

Another symptom that should unsettle, and definitely worth would clarify, are dyspeptic symptoms. They may be associated with gastritis, ulcer, but also with cancer (which is most afraid of).

Symptoms such as chronic abdominal bloating, belching after eating, or pain or burning after eating, these are symptoms that also need to be clarified.

Especially in people over age 45.

On the other hand, of course, even if we have other symptoms that raise suspicion of cancer, it's like the most is indication for gastroscopy.

Contraindications for gastroscopy

Gastroscopy is the most effective and painless method of diagnostic and therapeutic gastrointestinal tract. It is therefore important to know whether there are contraindications to its use , and whether anyone can be subjected to such treatment.

There is one main contraindication for gastroscopy , or even to endoscopy. It is the lack of cooperation of the patient.

If you have a weapon and is not able to accept the endoscope , is not carried out this study, firstly because it threatens patient trauma, destruction of the second camera.

Therefore, it is essential especially when gastroscopy contraindication.

Much smaller these contraindications are the study by nasal , because patients a lot better tolerate such an examination , and therefore there is less reaction to the principle of " soul and I immediately break a pipe ." Therefore, it is a study that may in difficult cases an alternative for people who do not tolerate gastroscopy.

The only contraindication is really the nasal septum, which will prevent the introduction of the endoscope and tapers both nasal passages, but it is quite a rare situation. Always one of the wires is so wide that you can go on so thin endoscope.

As for other contraindications, it basically are relative contraindications, I mean one that can somehow align and prepare the patient for examination. Even if clotting disorders or anticoagulants, which can be time to turn to other research and improve the clotting. At trial, when clipping is taken and the patient three days after the bleeding, or something like that happens, it can be a health hazard and therefore the doctors are doing everything possible to minimize the risk.


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