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What liver pain

Liver pain treatment

With the pain of the liver should be mixed together 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup grapefruit juice and drink for the night, no earlier than 2 hours after a meal. Prior to do an enema.

After drinking this mixture to lie on your right side with a pillow electric or hot water bottle in the area of the liver. The treatment should be repeated for two days. Number of treatments - 3 to 5

Painkillers in inflammation of the liver and gall bladder:

20 g of crushed mint leaves thermos poured into boiling water and floods. Then let stand for 12 hours and strain. Drink a day 3 times 30 minutes before eating.

For 40 days drinking cabbage juice of 1/2 cup 3-4 times a day.

Mix 1 kg chopped onion 2 cups of sugar and heat in the oven until the syrup yellow. Then pour the syrup into a jar or bottle of dark glass.

Drink 1 tablespoon fasted for three months.

Drink the juice of pumpkin 1/2 cup 2 times a day before meals for 30 days.

Secretion of bile stimulant

10 grams of rosehips is poured into a thermos with a capacity of 1 liter of boiling water and flooding. Cover the cap and leave on overnight.

Drink during the day the brew (you can add sugar to taste).

Liver disease

Horseradish root grate with small holes and squeeze the juice.

The same amount of juice with horseradish and honey (can also be sugar, but honey better) mixed together and close in a glass dish.

Take a spoonful of table 3 times a day for 20 minutes before eating.

Brew 1 tablespoon dill seed cup of boiling water. Set aside, cool and strain.

Take half a cup 2 times a day.

Chronic liver disease

Ingredients: Juice of fresh dandelion roots - 100 grams, alcohol 96% - 15 g, glycerol - 15 grams, boiled water - 17 g

All the ingredients are mixed well together and strain.

Take the 1-2 tablespoons a day for 15 minutes before eating.

Diseases of the liver regeneration after falling ill

Take the liver of cattle (eg deer), and finely chop. Then fry, but not completely, because it must be blood. Turn meat grinder.

200 g liver was added to 100 g of butter cream and mix well until the consistency of hepatic pate.

Take daily with 100 g of pate.

Treatment of gallstone

A handful of dried leaves of birch should grind and pour a cup of boiling water. Let stand for 20 minutes, squeeze and strain.

Drink a glass of brew in the morning and in the evening before eating.

Finely chop white cabbage and squeeze the juice.

Drink 1/2 cup of fresh juice of white cabbage. To the juice, you can add water to the cabbage.

Stones on the liver

It should be cut into small pieces 60 g of dried figs and put them into an enamel pan. Then pour a cup of boiling water and bring to a boil. Add a half cup of hot milk and 1-5 grams of sugar, cool.

The warm liquid to drink fine (small) sips, fruit figs to eat. It is also good to eat fresh strawberries, drink fresh carrot juice.

Stones in the gall bladder

Grate on a grater and squeeze the juice of black turnip. Fresh juice drink 2-3 tablespoons per day.


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