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What helps cinnamon?

Cinnamon and its medicinal properties

What is cinnamon

Cinnamon is an ancient spice that is used for thousands of years to flavor foods and beverages. In ancient times was considered to be more valuable than gold. Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of evergreen trees, which occur in Asia. Cinnamon bark contains essential oils, and is also a rich source of flavonoids with antioxidant activity.

What are the active ingredients contain cinnamon?

Above all, it contains essential oils (1-4%) and flavonoids (8%). The essential oils contain mainly cinnamic aldehyde (60-80%). The main flavonoids and tannins are proanthocyanidins cinnamon.

Main applications of cinnamon

Modern science is only beginning to explore and document the unique opportunities the impact of cinnamon on our health. Today, this ancient spice is attributed to a beneficial effect on digestion, blood lipids and blood sugar.

How cinnamon helps digestion?

Fenugreek has long been used to improve digestion. Cinnamon can be particularly valuable for people who have gastrointestinal problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, thrush (candida), dysbiosis, stomach cramps and indigestion, flatulence, nausea.

How cinnamon balances blood sugar levels?

According to studies, the compounds contained in cinnamon not only stimulate insulin receptors, but also inhibit the enzyme that inactivates them. This considerably enhances the utilization of glucose by cells.

To put it simply, cinnamon may mimic insulin, stimulate insulin receptors, and stimulate enzymes that inactivate these receptors. Summing cinnamon generally improves glucose utilization in cells, and particularly in the case of helping people with insulin resistance (syndrome X), or reduced insulin production.

Do diabetics can use cinnamon?

Theoretically, yes. But due to the action of hypoglycemic diabetics can use cinnamon in consultation with the physician and should carefully monitor the levels of glucose and insulin in the blood. By using cinnamon diabetes can reduce insulin.

Is cinnamon can be used in combination with chromium and other products that lower blood sugar levels?

Also, yes, but those who use drugs for diabetes should exercise caution. It is reasonable cinnamon combination with chromium, as chromium is required to form glucose tolerance factor, insulin which helps to eliminate glucose in the blood.

Other additional benefits of cinnamon

It has a very potent antioxidant and therefore can be used to protect against neuropathy and diabetic retinopathy. Patients who take cinnamon also found a reduction in LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol. This is because that cinnamon reduces oxidation of cholesterol in the liver by improving the operation of appropriate antioxidant enzymes such as glutathione peroxidase.

It was found that cinnamon also effectively than vitamin E free radical scavenger superoxide and hydroxyl.

The effect of cinnamon on blood platelets

Extensive research has been conducted on the effects of cinnamic aldehyde on platelets. Platelets are blood components, accumulating in emergency situations (eg as a result of physical trauma) to stop the bleeding.

But some people wrong aggregation is the cause of insufficient blood flow and increases the risk of various thrombotic changes (eg, heart attack , deep vein thrombosis). Cinnamic aldehyde helps to prevent platelet aggregation, inhibiting the release of arachidonic acid from the platelet membrane. By preventing release of arachidonic acid from membrane cinnamon may also be useful in various types of inflammatory conditions.


Cinnamon should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. Use caution when using medicines that thin the blood - used only under medical supervision.

Diabetics should monitor blood glucose and blood insulin or use cinnamon as recommended by your doctor.


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