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Pineapple diet plan

Advantages diet pineapple

Fresh pineapples help you lose weight and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, we hold a short, four-day special diet pineapple, which helps you lose 2 kg.

Properties pineapple

Fresh pineapples (not the ones from the can!) Strongly slim, because they contain a unique set of enzymes and fruit kawasów that accelerate fat burning.

In particular, a question of bromelin. It is a regulatory enzyme metabolism, helps to digest protein, and purifying the gastrointestinal tract. Operation of support bromelain pineapple further ingredients, especially vitamin C, which also dissolves grease and combating free radicals.

In contrast, influenza B vitamins improve physical fitness, and potassium removes excess water from the tissues and uric acid (helps women fight cellulite).

How to choose a good pineapple?

There should be no trouble with this. The supermarkets are a lot of them. A small pineapple simply as an addition to a few meals.

Note! It is very important that the fruit was healthy.

Ripe pineapple does not have to be evenly golden yellow skin, and the most important is that sweet smell. Therefore, the choice you have to smell it, preferably at the base. The leaves should be fresh and juicy.

Note! Avoid pineapples with soft seats, visible at the root rot and brown leaves, because the fruit begins to spoil already.

Healthy pineapple may lie at home and a few days.

Menu diet pineapple

Day 1

Lunch: fish from the pan with vegetables and pineapple

10 grams of filet of cod sprinkle with flour , and fry solisz a teaspoon of oil. Put off to the side. Separately simmer 2 tablespoons canned tomatoes such that a thick sauce.

In pan, simmer briefly half time and 2 slices of pineapple . Adding tomato sauce, cod and heat that all together. Do not mix the ingredients are still distinct flavors.

Serving 330 calories.

Dinner: Colorful boats from chicory

You peel fresh pear, you cut into pieces and sprinkle with 2 teaspoons of lemon juice. Adding chopped pineapple slice and one chicory (leave a few leaves). All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and filled salad chicory leaves. 5 grams of soft cheese such as Gouda, you cut into cubes and sprinkle the boats . Finally add finely chopped chives. Eat with a slice of pumpernickel.

Serving 270 calories .

Day 2

Lunch: Omelette with pineapple

2 whole eggs. You make a little salt and ground ginger or cardamom. In a skillet warm up a tablespoon of oil, and pour the egg on it. When the omelet will cut from the bottom, rotate it gently to zrumienił on the other side. Laying all the omelet onto a plate, stacking on it 2 pineapple slices, sprinkle 2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds.

Serving 340 calories.

Dinner: A refreshing salad with celery

With half a small hollow out the pineapple flesh and you cut it into small cubes. You peel 2 small mushrooms and you cut into slices, then sprinkle with lime juice. Cut 2 stalks celery . Mix all the ingredients . Sprinkle with grated cheese. For the sauce , mix 150 ml of plain yogurt mixed with a teaspoon of mayonnaise and a touch of curry.

Serving 310 calories.

Day 3

Lunch: Succulent skewers of turkey breast

15 grams of turkey breast and 15 grams of pineapple you cut into large chunks. Stuffed on skewers for kebabs to change - once a piece of meat , once a piece of fruit. At the end of the skewers sprinkle with olive oil, lavish upon herbs, such as rosemary. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees already on the plate You give a little salt and pepper. Eat with 2 tablespoons of brown rice.

Serving 424 calories.

Dinner: Salad with goat cheese and croutons

Wash and dry it well a few leaves of iceberg lettuce . You cut into cubes 2 slices of fresh pineapple, and 3 grams of goat cheese . Adding to the lettuce. For the sauce mix a teaspoon of olive oil with a teaspoon of lime juice, a little sugar and salt. Pour sauce salad. 2 slices of graham you cut into cubes and fry in a frying pan toast without fat . Hot sprinkle the salad.

Serving 370 calories .

Day 4

Lunch: sweet and spicy schnitzel

15 grams meat for schnitzel calf cleaning the membranes and you break the handle of the knife lightly. Meat fry on both sides until tablespoon of oil and put aside in a warm place. The remaining water the frying fat little water with the juice of a lime. Add a drop of Tabasco sauce. Preheat the frying pan and put the sauce diced pineapple slice. At the moment, toss the meat, season with salt and black pepper. Eat with a baked potato.

Serving 423 calories .

Dinner: Light rice salad with ham

You cook groats 2 tablespoons of basmati rice and cool. You cut into cubes 4 grams of chicken ham and pineapple slice. You mix all the ingredients and putting down for an hour in the fridge, took the salad taste. On a piece of Parmesan cheese grater crackles and sprinkle cheese over the top of the salad and chopped parsley.

Serving 253 calories.


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