Hydrocolonotherapy - flushing the colon

What is hydrocolonotherapy?

Constipation, diarrhea, bloating, headaches, changes in the skin, bad breath ... These are just some of the problems, which can arise from inefficient large intestine.

Treatment of colorectal practiced for years. Enema was known for the ancient Romans, and 100 years ago, it was treated most illnesses.

Note! Enema helps in flushing only 20-cm section of the colon. During hydrotherapy treatment  rinsing the large intestine over the whole length, that is from 1.2 to 2 m

Problems with colon

Improper diet, a sedentary lifestyle, pollution, toxins, preservatives, enhancers - all this makes the large intestine undigested gather food debris, and it is from this form faecal impaction, dwell parasites and fungi.

Note! The undigested food debris stick to the intestine so that sometimes it loses its natural peristalsis. Someone with such a dirty bowel simply rots from the inside. Hence the epidemic diseases of the colon.

Hydrotherapy treatment

The procedure takes less than an hour. Then lie on your back completely enveloped, and a special tube to our intestine water is introduced at body temperature. Water flowing through the intestine, flushes out what it was, and then the tube is fed to
equipment and at the end of the sewage system. Rinsing is carried out in a closed circuit.

The treatment starts with giving two glasses of water into the intestine, and then all the time under the control of the device is increased the amount of water incorporated and simultaneously discharged this dirty. Colon hydrotherapy treatment is totally without pain. When it functions normally, for example, you can go to work. Some patients after surgery get up a few pounds lighter.


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