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Heartburn and heart attack

How to distinguish heartburn from a heart attack?

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from each other chest ailments that cause various causes. In fact, often are the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease, caused by regurgitation of stomach contents rich in hydrochloric acid into the esophagus.

Its mucous membrane is not adapted to the presence of hydrochloric acid and therefore readily reacts irritation, or a feeling of heartburn.

Note! Very similar symptoms can give cardiac ischemia, which also leads to the occurrence of retrosternal pain on a baking pan.

When reflux disease?

Bouncing or bitterness acid reflux disease suggests, but often correct diagnosis is difficult to bring not only the patient but also to the physician.

 Note! Especially not worry if a burning sensation behind the breastbone is the first time in my life, because in this case the cause of myocardial ischemia may be a blood clot in the ruptured atherosclerotic plaque.

The blood clot is usually a spontaneous partial dissolution and improve the blood supply to the heart muscle leads to temporary pain relief. However, if the fracture does not heal quickly, then it may lead to the re-accumulation of thrombus, which in turn reveals the occurrence of retrosternal burning.

Note! Especially dangerous is the inflammation of the cigarette, because it increases blood clotting and increases prothrombotic processes.

What to do in case of retrosternal pain?

If the pain does not disappear within a few minutes, especially if it can be related to a previously posed diagnosis as soon as possible call an ambulance.

Note! Especially dangerous is when the pain is accompanied by sweating, shortness of breath and a feeling of threat to life.

If the person who has the symptoms is alone in the house, should ask a neighbor to enter the apartment and stay with her ​​until the arrival of ambulances.


  1. Regular exercise can also reduce the risks of heart disease. Making change in some habits, such as walking to work, can make you healthier. Walking is perhaps the easiest and healthiest way to make you physically active and healthy. In order to prevent Heart attack failure, you need to make changes in your diet, together with reducing excess weight and maintaining blood sugar levels as well as taking nutritional supplements that are suggested by your health experts.


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