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Healthy nuts for diet

Why is it worthwhile eating nuts?

Nuts are heavy, but it is worthwhile biting them through every day in small amounts. They are the source of fatty acids one - and polyunsaturated and for this reason are contributing to lower the bad cholesterol. It will be sufficient to eat the little portion of nuts so that they do the entire organism good.

Why is it worthwhile concentrating the everyday diet into nuts?

They are an abounding source of the vitamin E, the folic acid and the selenium, effectively are fighting in with free radicals, by which more quickly we are growing old.

Conducted examinations showed that frequent eating nuts was connected with rarer falling ill with diabetes of the type of the II pancreatic cancer and the large intestine at women.

Note! Unfortunately nuts quite often trigger allergy.


They are a good source of omega -3 , which is often lacking in the diet. According to information published in the journal " Nutrition and Cancer " reduce the risk of breast cancer. They provide twice as many antioxidants than other nuts .


Biting them, we will provide your body with a healthy dose of vitamin E (the best of its source of all nuts), as well as magnesium and phosphorus. When we reach nuts when waiting for us a big mental effort , because I support the work of the brain, and when we feel fatigue.


They are called nuts, but belong to the legume. Are also known as peanuts and peanut. Although a lot of calories in Ma , it is difficult to gain weight from a few (if not salted or sweetened). They are a rich source of folic acid (important for mums) and arginine, which promotes blood circulation in the muscles.

Brazil nuts

The unique content of selenium (it is next to a great antioxidant vitamin E ) makes them an important source of this element. Only one brazil nut will provide us with a daily dose of selenium! It is also a source of phosphorus. Selenium should not be missing in the diet of pregnant women.


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