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Evening Primrose Properties

Evening primrose and its healing properties

The miraculous power of evening primrose is known for a long time. Evening primrose pounded applied to the leaves wounds that heal rapidly. Recently re-discovered the healing power of evening primrose oil.

Medicinal ingredients evening primrose are primarily essential fatty acids, and the most important of them is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The human body can not produce it himself, and food is supplied in small amounts.

Gamma-linolenic acid is essential to us, because thanks to him thrive fabric nerve, muscle, and many others. GLA guarantees us the correct body weight, we owe him a proper level of cholesterol in the blood, healthy looking skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Evening Primrose Oil also helps many ailments ...

It helps women with premenstrual symptoms

Evening primrose contains fatty acids that improve hormonal balance, and it contained magnesium relieves anxiety, chest pain and flushing.

Evening primrose is recommended for people who want to lose weight ..

Gamma- linolenic acid which contains evening primrose oil, stimulates fat burning. thanks to him, our body produces prostaglandins, they are responsible for initiating the so-called fat burning. brown adipose tissue surrounding our organs.

Evening primrose helps people with migraine ..

If you suffer from migraines, thanks to evening primrose oil being migraine pain is not only smaller, but the attacks will occur much less frequently. Evening primrose owes this anti-inflammatory action of prostaglandins. (how to effectively fight headache and forget forever what a migraine")

Evening primrose is useful for neurodermatitis

And again, thanks to a high content of GLA. If our body we have this acid deficiency, our skin defenses are weakened. So with evening primrose oil being will provide your body with the substance and soften up irritation and inflammation of the skin.

Evening primrose protect against allergies

It is recommended to breast-feeding mother. Mothers who eat evening primrose oil, providing in this way naturally acid, gamma - linolenic child with milk. With the GLA is formed prostaglandin E-1, which protects your child from allergies. Studies have shown that children of mothers who are breast-feeding are taking evening primrose oil - less likely to succumb to allergies.

And besides that:

Evening primrose inhibits rheumatic conditions, relieves joint pain, also helps relieve depression.

Evening primrose oil can be purchased at any pharmacy, herbal shops and health food stores.


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