Digestive problems

Hidden source of digestive problems

This is interesting:

When you are stressed, your body activates type reaction FIGHT OR RUN.

Here comes the rush of adrenaline.

Heart Cross sixth gear.

Blood flows from the thickening of the skin and to reduce the potential bleeding.

Finally, turn off digestive functions, because they are not needed for defense in an emergency situation (stress precisely!).

Everything is done to facilitate the body natural reaction - to direct the energy reserves in the muscles that allow you to escape or fight.

Perfect thing. . . If you are Fred and Emma Flinston and you have to blow before the dinosaurs, or pick up a boulder.

However, the "dinosaur" stress is a rarity today. Today, in fact, rather than weaken, suppress it and thus degrade the health, in particular the digestive processes.

And the body does not recognize the fact that stressed out because the boss has called you to the office and you are afraid that once you lose your job.

Do you stand in front of the boss, or a grizzly bear, your body against the physiological and biochemical react identically.

This is because the part of the brain that controls reactions to stress, is primitive and involuntary.

For example, the hand automatically pulls out of the water if the water is too hot - you do not have to think about it, the reaction is carried out automatically, even BEFORE you wait too long to think.

Thus - if you do not unload the stress physically, in the long run there are consequences: high blood pressure, high pulse, nervous exhaustion, elevated blood sugar levels, a weakened immune system, intestinal ailments.

Then the person struggling with these ills, which are SYMPTOMS, rather than attack the source: stress.

No one would have expected, because stress is a hidden base health problems.

Deliverance can bring physical activity in the form of brisk walking even while in the case of intestinal ailments, including constipation and, of course, fiber.

Natural laxative

Nature has endowed man with sweetness tasty and good for intestinal health, especially constipation.

Do you remember a little something Winnie the Pooh ? That's right, I'm talking about honey.

The sugar in honey is safe even with Candida overgrowth. But under one condition: that it is raw honey, or unpasteurized.

The pasteurization process demolishes the positive properties of honey. Heated or pasteurized still is pride, but unfortunately it is already a breeding ground for pathogens - accelerates their growth in the intestine.

On the other hand, as I said, raw honey, for example, straight from the beekeeper, you eat up virtually at will:

- Honey - Selene Yeager reported in his book Fri Doctor 's Book of Food Remedies - contains a lot of fructose, a natural sugar, which the human body can not break down. When reaches the intestines, fructose sucks water and thereby softens the stool. Hence honey is a natural laxative.

And such a light laxative effect occurs when we eat raw honey in quite large quantities, which can provide relief from constipation -type problems.


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