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Cleansing the liver by Kelley

Treatment cleansing the liver - recipe by William Donald Kelley "One answer is cancer '

External symptoms of liver contaminated

  • on the body appear freckles, moles and warts brown and brown spots at the roots of the hair;
  • body and hands skin is cold and clammy;
  • underside of the tongue is colored yellow;
  • right foot can not do step the same length as the left.

The causes of abnormal liver


  • excessive intake of food and fluids;
  • excessive intake of sugar, sugar products, fruit and alcohol;
  • excessive intake of fats, vegetable oil and fat meat;
  • excessive intake of meals cooked and refined;
  • excessive intake of fresh bread and flour products;
  • food intake before bedtime or during the night. 

How to care for your liver?

It should be:

  • eat a smaller amount of food;
  • do not eat breakfast;
  • eat more cooked vegetables (30-40%) of the total number of meals per day;
  • winter to eat more more sauerkraut;
  • eat more cottage cheese, sour milk, yogurt;
  • consume all freshly prepared (note: do not eat food heated or the previous day);
  • drink and try to prepare meals for the fused water. 

Treatment cleansing the liver by William Kelley

Needed ingredients:

A malic acid or phosphoric acid (to dissolve the bile, reduced adhesion inside stones).

B. Magnesium sulfate infusion, oral and rectal smooth muscle. Larger deposits can pass through the relaxation of the bile duct.

C. Untreated olive oil. It causes contraction of gall bladder and bile duct and removing concrements.

D. retention enemas with coffee (coffee solution retained in the large intestine). To stimulate the secretion of bile and relaxation of smooth muscle of the bile ducts.

Note! Treatment for people over 15 years of age completed.

Over the five days that precede the operation itself should drink as much apple juice or cider (cider, fermented juice of apples) in addition to normal meals. Best to drink freshly made juice of apples from organic cultivation.

Subsequently, apple juice or cider (unsweetened, no chemical additives and the best of organic farming).

At noon on the sixth day eat a normal dinner.

Two hours after lunch, drink 1 or 2 tablespoons of magnesium sulfate, which should be dissolved in 30-90 ml of water, filtered water by reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Note! The taste of the mixture may be unpleasant. Therefore, you can wash down the small amount of citrus juice (freshly squeezed is best).

Four hours after lunch take a liter enema coffee dissolved in the 1/4 cup of magnesium sulfate. Please keep it for 15 minutes and expel. Steep a cup of coffee so strong to the extent permitted tolerance.

Note! But it can not be stronger than 6 tablespoons of ground coffee for half liter of water.

Symptoms of overdose:
  • insomnia, nervousness, tremors, chills, feeling light-headed or dizzy.

Five hours after dinner drink a tablespoon of magnesium sulphate (dissolved as before).

Six-seven hours after dinner at the discretion of you do not eat, but it is recommended salad with raw fruits (then use as many different seasonal fruit). As a garnish for salads you can use at the discretion of heavy, unpasteurized whipped cream with a small amount of crude (unrendered) of honey.

Salads can eat any amount.

If raw fruits are not available, then use frozen fruit (such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.). You can also take the whipped cream and eat in large quantities.

Fruit or citrus juices you can eat if you want the salad with fruit and whipped cream.

Note! Any person with hyperglycemia should adjust the amount eaten in salads for individual tolerance threshold.

In the evening you can choose one of three options.

Note! Olive strongly constricts the gall bladder and bile ducts, thus removing the stones that remain year. All juices should be preferably freshly squeezed.

1 Drink 1/2 cup of unrefined olive oil, and then a small amount of juice from oranges, grapefruit, or diluted lemon juice if the taste of olive oil is unpleasant.

2 Drink 1/2 cup of unrefined olive oil mixed with 1/2 cup orange juice, grapefruit, or diluted lemon juice.

3 Drink 4 tablespoons unrefined olive oil and 1 tablespoon of citrus juice every 30 minutes until you reach a total amount of 180 ml of olive drunk.

This variant is recommended to people very weak or so, which in the past had problems with the gall bladder.

Note! Can be helpful to rinse paragraph alcohol-based drink such as sherry, to get rid of the taste of olive oil residues. It may also be a natural soda or soda water (do not swallow or carbonated alcoholic beverage).

If you vomit during the consumption of olive oil and the juice, then you must proceed to the end. You do not need to supplement the amount that was vomited.

Nausea, which are felt during this process indicate that the stimulation of the gall bladder and / or liver.

1 Immediately after drinking the oil and juice (or while drinking) go to bed on the right side, drawing before going to sleep right knee to the chin for 30 minutes.

This will facilitate the outflow of oil from the stomach contents and the help contents entering the gallbladder and / or the liver to the small intestine.

2 If at night you feel sick, you can take another strong coffee enema with melted in the 1/4 cup of magnesium sulfate.

3 If the next day you will have severe nausea, try to stay in bed until a little alleviate.

Note! You can not induce vomiting.

4 After getting out of bed take another strong coffee enema with magnesium sulfate or an hour before breakfast drink a tablespoon of magnesium sulfate, which should be dissolved in 30-90 ml of warm mineral water, filtered water by reverse osmosis or distilled water.

5 If even after the enema feel nausea or big pain in the upper abdomen, then go on a light diet fruit (raw or steamed), yogurt or kefir, and freshly squeezed vegetable juices (especially with the addition of the juice of young beet leaves).

Directions :

1 One tablet of betaine hydrochloride (eg U.S. preparations Mega- Acid A or beta- Z) before bedtime will help you in reducing nausea in the morning.

2 If you have a constant tendency to nausea after consuming olive oil, then the doses of oil and citrus juice drink two tablespoons of aloe juice.

3 Nausea at night also decrease after applying a hot water bottle on the area of the liver ( under the right costal margin).

Note! Do not be discouraged by these mentions of nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, because the last two symptoms are very rare. Most people tolerate this procedure with minimal discomfort, and after they finished almost everyone feels a lot better.

Rinse the liver and gall bladder in this way stimulates and cleans these organs as anything else.

Very often people who suffer for years because of a lack of appetite gallstones, liver problems, back pain, nausea, and a host of other symptoms the next day after washing are gallstones in the stool.

They are the color of light to dark green, jelly-like consistency and the size of the "grape seed" to" cherry". If the stool is their large number, rinse, repeat after two weeks.

After flushing the liver and stomach, you can start a reply. It should take a day to two.

Let now the body an opportunity to rest and clean up the waste at the level of individual cells. Every day of fasting drink up a liter of fresh carrot juice and half a liter of juice with celery plus any amount of water filtered by reverse osmosis or distilled water. It is best to dilute the raw juice with the same amount of filtered water by reverse osmosis or distilled water.

Also remember that if you take an insufficient amount of fluid, the toxins are getting more concentrated and are not removed in a natural way.


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