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Anti constipation diet

Natural Methods for Constipation

Constipation - a problem that affects more and a wider group of people. This result is not only unhealthy lifestyles, but also irregular and unhealthy eating.

Note! Regular constipation and bowel problems can lead to serious health complications.

Constipation problems are primarily the result of eating foods that have too little fiber and also appear in people who not only consume small amounts of liquids, but also lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Good metabolism is inextricably linked with the movement and physical activity.

Other reasons for constipation

These are:
  • narrowing of the bowel enlightened by tumor infiltration,
  • pressure from the outside, scars,
  • food poisoning
  • stress.

Homemade solutions for constipation

The most popular methods of struggle with constipation, laxatives is that you can buy at a pharmacy without a prescription.

Note! The use of these drugs should consult with your doctor.

Homemade solutions for constipation, it is primarily the products, which are a rich source of natural fiber:
  • dried plums, apricots, apples nuts.
For this you need to add more sugar, which have a lot of valuable fiber and cope well not only with constipation, but also with a feeling of bloating.

On the stimulation of intestinal doing well drink a decoction of linseed oil, and lecithin contained in it further reduces blood pressure and cholesterol.

You can not forget the grits here, which helps to remove the symptoms associated with constipation (abdominal pain, heaviness).

You should also remember about herbal remedies and teas and infusions so that help fight constipation.

These are:
  • chamomile, caraway, mint and licorice.
Note! The use of herbal products also should be discussed with your doctor.
Very important is also the physical activity - daily walks , cycling or few- gymnastics.

Diet for constipation

The purpose of this is to control defecation diet without resorting to pharmaceuticals. This diet contains an increased amount is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract of man "fiber" plant polysaccharides (cellulose, pectin, gum, hemicellulose, lignin). The daily dose in healthy human diet should contain about 40 g of these compounds.

Characteristic of a diet rich residual (anti constipation) is increased the amount of those substances (50-70 grams per day). Aside from the use of this diet constipation it is also used in the prevention of irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis formation of colon and colorectal cancer, the prevention of atherosclerosis, gallstones, diabetes and obesity caused by overeating high-calorie foods, devoid of residual components richly.

One of the main reasons for the development of metabolic diseases of civilization is feeding on foods of highly purified. In contrast, plant polysaccharides supplied with food, the filler is acting in the gastrointestinal tract, increasing the amount of water in the intestinal contents, carcinogens are absorbed in the large intestine resulting from the decomposition of bile acid excretion and accelerates. Fiber also reduces cholesterol, triglycerides and glucose.

The products recommended in diets anti- constipation

You can eat:

    skimmed milk and fresh curd, yogurt,

    skinny cottage cheese and cream cheese,

    egg whites, egg yolks only in limited quantities,

    lean meat: veal, beef, horse meat, rabbit, chicken, turkey, pigeon

    cod, redfish, perch, pike, tench , bream, crucian carp,

    thin ham and beef, meat in aspic,

    thin cream, vegetable oils: sunflower, rapeseed, soy, olive oil - in limited quantities,

    potatoes cooked and baked, mashed,

    all vegetables and fruits,

    jam, sugar, syrups, jams, jellies, hard candy, drops, honey,

    bay leaves, allspice, vanilla, cinnamon, salt, lemon juic ,

    skim milk, buttermilk, whey, herbal infusions, weak tea, weak coffee substitute,

    butter in limited quantities, curd and cheese from skimmed milk

   soups with vegetables broth, soup vegetable, dairy, fruit,

    braised meat dishes, fried without fat,

    salads, juices, cooked vegetables,

    fruit desserts, compotes, jellies, puddings.

Products banned in the diet anti- constipation

You can not eat:

     bread, low-fiber, fresh bright, wheat, wholemeal bread with honey,

     wheat flour milling high, corn, potato,

     milk fat, fat yogurt,

     other cheeses,

     large amounts of egg yolk,

     mutton, pork, offal, venison, duck, goose, oily fish,

     pies, fatty meats,

     butter, salted,

     oily cream,

     french fries, fried potato pancakes,

     sweets, alcohol, chocolate, chocolates, candies, cakes, jams,

     alcohol, cocoa, dark chocolate, strong coffee and tea,

     soups on fat broth,

     fried foods, baked,

     cakes, pastry cream, whipped cream, ice cream, cakes, jellies.


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