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When you need to remove gallstones?

Removal of gallstones

Gallstones occur as a result of errors or incorrect dietary metabolism. The indications for their removal from the gall bladder attacks are strong pain and inflammation that threatens the liver and pancreas.
Note! Gallstones may not always be immediately removed, you can live with them for many years, but be very careful and use appropriate digestible diet, and change the frequency of your meals.

You must also perform periodic audits of the gall bladder on ultrasound. If increasing pain, inflammation is significant, then increases the risk of rupture of the follicle and peritonitis.

Note! For this reason, you should not delay surgery.

Complications of cholelithiasis

Complications of this disease can be sudden blockage of the bile ducts deposition, and the effect of acute pancreatitis. There are also cases where there is formation of a biliary fistula tract.

Note! So you can not ignore the diet and research.

Is it possible to get rid of gallstones without surgery?

Of course, but only when there are large and they do not undergo calcification.

Recommendations for dealing with gallstones

Meals should be spread over 5 during the day. They should be small and contain little saturated fat (animal origin). To a minimum, reduce the intake of butter, cream and choose only lean dairy.

Give up chocolate, coffee, strong tea, and alcohol. Drink often and elderberry juice, mint, and very strong green tea. In case of complaints, take relaxant drugs (eg, no-spa), or agents that relieves pain (based on paracetamol).

What treatment removal of gallstones will be the best?

The operation of removal of stones from the gall bladder may occur:

  • classically and then the doctor comes out deposits, leaving the bubble. Another option is to cut the vesicle contents.
  • laparoscopically, the procedure is done without cutting the abdominal wall. The surgeon performs small holes in which to place the tool laparoscopy. This type of surgery carries a small risk of complications of post-.

Sometimes during surgery laporoskopowego necessarily turns out to perform the operation using the traditional method. Sue happening so if for example you need to expand the narrowed bile ducts (performed by-passes) or remove them stones.

Note! Even when there is pain, you can not on their own medicines used to support the liver and increase bile secretion.


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