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What naturally lowers cholesterol?

Natural Cures for Cholesterol

Doctors say: you know your real age, show me your arteries. With age, they lose their elasticity and the walls of the plaque deposit. Their cross-section is reduced. It may also happen that plaque breaks and this is where the platelets gather and formed a clot.

If the clot becomes clogged artery, the blood can not then take a boat to the heart. That's what 90% looks like a heart attack. Atherosclerosis usually asymptomatic. Stress, a diet rich in fats, cigarettes, alcohol - are the main culprits. But you can help and improve the health of your blood vessels - with natural products that lower cholesterol.

Homemade ways to lower cholesterol

Artichokes: Artichoke husk lower cholesterol and reduce levels of other fats in the blood and prevents atherosclerosis. It also nourishes the blood vessel walls and thus longer remain flexible.

Vegetable can be cooked, baked or served with garlic.

Garlic: cleanses the arteries, lowers cholesterol, acts anticoagulation.

Garlic tincture - 100 g of purified garlic cloves pressed through the smashed, throw in a jar and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. You turn off the dish and putting down. After 14 days strain and pour into a bottle.

Drink 2 times a day 30 drops for 2 weeks. Store in the refrigerator.

Soy and fish: soy inhibits the absorption of cholesterol in the blood and regulates its level. You can eat it in any form. In contrast, fish (best would be salmon, tuna, sardines) should eat at least twice a week. This abundance of omega-3 fats that lower bad cholesterol and increase good at this.

Onions: quercetin, which is dissolved in onion fibrin (the protein component, which causes blood clots). It also helps in maintaining the elasticity of blood vessels and their tightness, and besides, lowers blood pressure. Fried loses its properties.

Remember! Eat onions daily, and atherosclerosis does not get you.


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