Rice-fruit diet

What to eat to lose weight fast?

This diet very well is working into warm days. She is light, rich in fibre, and to it very tasty, and is helping quickly to lose weight.

It is it is impossible not only for the dieting. He is helping in get rid sie of toxins from the organism, to reduce the cellulite, to streamline the metabolism and to cleanse intestines of lying nutritional remains.

Thanks to this diet after a few days it is already possible to be much lighter, also bowel problems will reduce. Also an appearance is improving skjóry which is becoming more well-toned and more suave.

Principles of the rice-fruit diet

1) One should eat the maximum 1000 kcal per day which should be divided into 5 little meals. Breakfast as late as possible hour through with awakening, and supper 2 hours before the dream. Breaks between meals cannot be longer thread of 5 hours.

2) Per day a cooked rice, as well as seasonal fruits should be a base of at least 3 meals (e.g. strawberries, cherries, morello cherries, raspberries of the currant, gooseberry, apples, plums, pears, melons, apricots.

Remember! It is possible to apply the diet to a maximum 3 weeks. He can be repeated what 2-3 months.

3) The rice should be cooked like most briefly. Semi-hard grains longer are being digested and better are satiating their appetite. The rice should not be salted some more, because the salt is stopping water in the body and is slowing loss of kilogrammes down.

4) In the course of the diet one should drink the still mineral water, no less than 2 litres in a day. It is possible also to drink the green, unsweetened tea and herbal teas of all kinds.

Remember! It isn't possible to drink the coffee, the black tea and juices added more sugar.

5) Very much weighs is regular, but not using a physical effort up. It is possible it to be everyday (at least half an hour) the walk or the bike ride. Well a dance and swimming influence loss of kilogrammes. 

What is it possible still to eat?

It can be:

  • skimmed eggs and dairy products (milk, curd cheese) and ferment milk drinks (yoghurt, buttermilk, kefir). It is necessary to put on the ones natural, without the addition of the sugar, because they are an abounding source of calcium and the white. Additionally preserves ferment living bacteria cultures which they have contain the beneficial effect for the etching;
  • exotic fruits (especially citruses). One should often reach for grapefruit and pineapple, because they contain ingredients precipitating the burn of fat and loss of the weight.;
  • once a day it is possible to eat the small amount of lean, fish, wholegrain products (petals, bread), of nuts and it is worthwhile reaching for fresh vegetables.

Demonstration menu of the rice-fruit diet

1 day

Breakfast: natural yogurt with the rice and the fist of raspberries, the cherry or the morello cherry and tea or mineral water.

Dinner: the rice baked with apples, poured with the fruit sauce and the herbal tea.

Baked rice: the bag of the cooked rice is being mixt up with the apple wiped off, the pinch of the lemon crust and the cinnamon and 2 spoonfulfuls of the natural yogurt. Next he is transferring into the greased ovenware and is baking c 20 minutes in 170 Sr. to pour with any fruit mousse.

Supper: slice of the wholegrain bread with the slice of the lean cold cooked meat, the stalk of the celery or the cucumber. Water.

Snacks: yoghurt with strawberry mousse and the vanilla and rice pudding with raisins and the innamon.

Day 2

Breakfast: rice cooked on the milk (thick) with any fruits lun with mousse. Water.

Dinner: strawberry, cherry or plum soup with the cooked rice (white or brown), whitened with natural yogurt and green tea or herbal.

Supper: thin fish sprinkled with the lemon juice, cooked on steam together with sprouting broccoli or the carrot.

the fluffy rice mixt with pieces of grapefruit and the baked banana in foli, poured with the thick yoghurt.


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