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Removal of gallstones without surgery and drugs

How to remove gallstones?

Stones in the gall bladder (colloquially called him a bag) is a ailment affecting especially women (especially after the age of 40 and struggling with being overweight).
Note! The disease may not produce symptoms at all, remind indigestion or even cause painful colic. Therefore, it is always worth consult your doctor.

If after examination it turns out that the disease is not advanced, then we reach the recipe fathers Bonifraters.

What is the secret of these treatments?

It is commonly believed that the cause of stones is an excess of any fat in the diet, and treatment Bonifraters assumptions are different, because they believe too little fat makes the gall bladder is not emptied regularly, causing him stones.

Note! According to the recommendations of the Fathers Bonifraters should be discontinued animal fats and build a healthy, vegetable oils: rapeseed, castor, linseed, olive oil.

Cleansing treatment based on olive oil and egg yolk

By applying this method to clean the gall bladder of the residual in the small stones and sand.

Preparation potions: prepare 150 ml of olive oil. In a small bowl, thoroughly mash the yolk with a teaspoon of caster sugar. For mass, stirring constantly, add the teaspoon of lemon juice and cognac. During the grating, is burning in small portions previously prepared oil (use the virgin).

The mixture should be drunk on an empty stomach, small sips, within 30 minutes. After drinking must lie an hour on the right side, because thanks to the stones begin to descend to the digestive system.

Note! To prevent the formation of gallstones new daily before breakfast drink with lemon juice diluted from a glass of warm water.

Treatment based cocktail with juice and oil

For 5 days before using this treatment daily drink up 1 liter of apple juice that will dissolve deposits, and on the sixth day, follow the steps below:

tablespoon of salt Karlsbad dissolve in 1/2 cup water. Drink it. After 3 hours, the drink again Karlsbad salt solution, and after one hour 120 ml of any oil that should mix with the juice of lemon or grapefruit.

Note! If you do not want to drink concoctions prepared in oil, in return, you can use apple cider vinegar, which dissolves stones. A spoonful drink 5 times a day for 10 days.

The therapeutic tincture of olive oil, eggs and spirits

It is a treatment that will require from you some discipline, but it's worth it to get it, because cholagogic and dissolves stones.

Preparation: Mash the 2 eggs with 125 ml of olive oil , add the lemon juice and 50 g of alcohol. Tincture divide into 3 equal parts.

At 18 drink one part of it, about 20 second, 22 third- ao. After drinking each serving lie down for 30 minutes on the right side. At 8 in the morning, drink 2 tablespoons of castor oil. Again, prepare a tincture and divide it into 3 portions. Before 13.00 drink one second at 15.00, 17.00 ao third portion. After drinking each serving lie down for 30 minutes on the right side.

At 18.00 again drink 2 tablespoons of castor oil.

Note! Treatment must be repeated after 10 days.
Move the stones by bile duct after applying oil treatments can sometimes be painful and therefore prepare yourself any measure diastolic (eg, No- Spa ).

I do not have time for treatments ...

If you do not have time to prepare medicinal potions, you can use a simple method, which also helps in getting rid of gallstones.

Fathers Brothers hospitallers recommend drinking before bedtime tablespoons of olive oil, and the next day, for breakfast, drinking the juice squeezed from the lemons that you need to mix with 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil.

Treatment use 10 days, putting on the time animal fats.

Herbs for better flow of bile

St. John's Wort - a positive effect on the secretion and flow of bile. You can after each meal drink a homely tea (1-2 teaspoons of dried herb pour a cup of boiling water, steep a few minutes).

Dandelion - tea from its root helps digestion of fats. Preparations with a nun should use the stagnation of bile in the gallbladder, spikes caused by the presence of stones and the treatment of the bile ducts.

Peppermint or chamomile - an infusion of selected herbs sip after a hearty, rich in fat meals.

Milk thistle - is a source of silymarin, which helps the liver and prevents the formation of stones. Tablespoon of seeds pour a glass of boiling water and infused for 10 minutes. Drink 3 times a day.


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