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Orc Boldo in the treatment of liver

Use Orc Boldo in the treatment of liver and biliary

It is a dioecious shrub or tree with thin branches of opposing heart-shaped leaves that have a strong aroma. It occurs in Chile and parts of Peru on the slopes of the mountains.

Used medicinally are listed here.

The therapeutic effect of extracts from Orc Boldo

Operation bile and diastolic blood pressure:
  • to the gall bladder and bile duct sphincter of Oddi and the duodenum, facilitates the flow of bile into the intestine.
Appetite stimulant effect:
  • by increasing the secretion of gastric acid and bile flow comes to stimulate physiological digestion and absorption of fatty substances, as well as other fat-soluble compounds (e.g., certain vitamins, cholesterol).
The diuretic action:
  • It depends on the presence of flavonoids in the raw material and an essential oil which has a strong property for urinary tract disinfectants.
Note! Only the alcoholic extracts of the leaves contain an essential oil orc.

Scope of the medicinal Orc Boldo

It is recommended to use extracts of Orc boldo a reduced liver function, reducing the ability to produce the necessary amount of bile, a reduced activity of gallbladder, biliary dyskinesia, and gastrointestinal symptoms after removal of the gall bladder and indicating various dyspepsia symptoms - including bloating, abdominal pain, belching, bad taste in the mouth, nausea.

Dosage extracts from Orc Boldo

Dose Orc Boldo leaf is 3 g or equivalent amount in dairy.
Note! Contraindications are hypersensitivity to the drug components, biliary obstruction, renal failure, and acute inflammation and ulceration of the stomach and intestines.

Boldyna - the main component of therapeutic Orc Boldo

This is the main alkaloid in the leaves Orc Boldo. This substance was isolated in 1872 by Bourgoin.

Published studies for many years, this compound showed that it has the following properties:
  • bile ( liver stimulates hepatocytes to increase the production of bile);
  • diastolic smooth muscle, especially in the bile ducts, urinary tract and gut;
  • hepatoochronne (protects the liver parenchyma against internal toxins, as well as from harmful oxygen free radicals).
This antioxidant activity is sufficiently intense to protect the liver , as the body is subject boldyna pharmacokinetic first-order processes, as given orally and is rapidly resorbed preferentially accumulate in the liver , where it reaches an effective concentration; .
  • diuretic (increases urine volume, along with the aqueous -soluble compounds of the metabolic unnecessary - include uric acid).
How dose?

The daily dose is 3-4 mg, which should be divided into portions.

Boldyna used as the active component of the liver and gastro -intestinal, usually in combination with other substances synergistically interacting.


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