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Milk thistle for children

The use of milk thistle in children

Increasingly, unique and versatile properties of milk thistle wish use young parents. But the use of herbs in children is always safe?

Milk thistle is a plant used for years to treat diseases the liver. Recent studies have shown its efficacy in the treatment of many other diseases! He harmless skin inflammation, constipation or psoriasis.

Two heads are better than one

There are some plants that brave work of man. They contain active substances that are activated in the human body. For this reason, they are used in a variety of medical conditions. As anti-inflammatory, antipyretic or sedatives. Many of them can be successfully used even by children.

Are you sure?

An example is even chamomile, which in infancy perfectly strikes deal with colic, stomach pain and bloating. Herbal preparations available in pharmacies in the vast majority are not recommended for children under 12 years of age. The endorsement can be found on the package leaflet, also pack a dietary supplement containing the extract of milk thistle. But keep in mind that, like a long list of side effects, it is a legal protection for the manufacturer of the product.

Are the standards are there to be broken?

Doctors often recommend the use of milk thistle in younger patients, but in different doses than adults. If prepared homemade seeds are given to children, we must remember that their volume should be correspondingly smaller and made of water! Overdose seeds may end up diarrhea, bloating and abdominal pain.

Thrilling experiment with milk thistle!

American scientists from Columbia University conducted a study on the use of milk thistle in children with cancer, treated with chemotherapy. Its aim was to assess the effect of milk thistle for liver protection against adverse effects of therapy. The study group consisted of fifty children diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia. For a month, some of them were given a preparation containing an extract of milk thistle.

What did milk thistle?

At the end of the next month, it was found that children who took it does not suffer from any side effects of milk thistle! What's more - their liver function significantly better than children not receiving liver preparation! This study demonstrates not only the efficacy of milk thistle in the protection and regeneration of hepatocytes, but also shows that its regular use by children is not harmful to their body.

When the liver in children now broken ...

Liver disease is contrary to appearances, problems relating not only to the elderly! Sometimes much earlier is needed to support the work of the organ. At the beginning it is always worth to start from the most natural products, and therefore, inter alia, from the seeds of milk thistle.

Milk thistle and children

Take it easy, you can give them a child of school age. For younger, you should consult a specialist and exclude any contraindications to its use. You should also check with your pharmacist what dose of milk thistle are safe for young patients.


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