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Intestinal colic the diet and the treatment

The diet and herbs in curing the intestinal colic

The intestinal colic is a manifestation which he is appointing to the sharp or chronic catarrh of intestines.
Then growing slowly pain is turning up at the lower part of the belly which at some point is becoming severe, sewing through, and next is weakening.

Note! Tides of pain appear repeatedly, and in some cases he is reaching until armpits. Pressing the lining of the stomach with hands causes the sick person relief. Nervous persons can have very frequent, exhausting attacks by the intestinal colic.

Diet in the intestinal colic

On the first day for the sick person one should serve only a tea with the small amount of the sugar. Then it is possible to enter the food which not very is full of fibre into expenses.

Note! Foods should be given often, but in small amounts.
It is necessary to exclude from the diet:
  • hot seasonings, chocolate, cocoa, strong tea, coffee, alcohol.
To pass also little salt.

Herbs in curing the intestinal colic

1) At the beginning one should put hot humid compresses which it is necessary to change every 5 minutes for the sick person on the belly. Between compresses it is possible to massage the belly gently the other way round to hands of the clock.

When pain subsides, for the sick person a cool enema is being done from 0.5 l of the infusion of the camomile.

Preparation: 2 spoons of the chamomile flower on 0.5 l of boiling water. To chill and to strain.

2) 20 minutes before every food and after the food one should give 10 minutes to sick person 1 cup of stock of the common valerian.

Preparation: to pour 0.5 l of boiling water over 1 flat spoon of roots and to cook 20 minutes. To strain.

Stock of valerian roots can be replaced with stock of the root of the gentian yellow which is being prepared similarly.


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