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Hydrocolonotherapy - flushing the colon

Deep colon lavage

With this method, no pain, you can delete stored in the colon heavy metal salts, fungi, molds, yeasts, parasites, preservatives, waste products of fermentation and putrefaction, and poisoning us remains metabolism.
Our digestive system is sent to the mucous lining. It protects us from harmful environmental factors, namely: preservatives, chemicals, food and incompetent when his final episode (colon) is damaged, it can not perform the last stages of digestion and assimilation. It becomes a hotbed of poisons, toxins, food debris rotting, pathological intestinal flora, and this leads to autointoxication.

The mucous lining of the colon is thickened and hardened, and this becomes the reason for constipation, as well as shortages of micro - and macro elements, vitamins. Their absorption becomes impossible.

Cleansing the colon will help to remove excess mucus and improve absorption.

Hydrocolonotherapy greatly facilitate of flying conditions such as:

  •  itch digestive tract;
  • recurrent fungal infections of the reproductive organ;
  • disturbance of the intestinal flora;
  • atonic constipation, bloating, digestive disorders;
  • malabsorption of trace elements;
  •  recurrent infections, decreased immunity allergy, asthma;
  • skin diseases: psoriasis, acne, eczema, fungal infections;
  • hypertension;
  • arthritis;
  • obesity.
  • The procedure will be performed in the supine position, and the patient is connected to the specialized equipment that rinses the colon and introduced into his system life-giving oxygen.
    Note! After the procedure, you must use products that restore normal intestinal flora.

    Diet for intestinal

    Intestinal wall is composed of three basic layers, and when the first protective layer is damaged (antibiotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, hormonal contraceptives, excess cow's milk and hen's egg), the cellulose contained in foods of plant origin will cause damage to the other two layers.

    Reach then to a 'leaky bowel movements "and will decrease the absorption of vitamins, trace elements, drugs and colorectal longer serve a protective function for the whole body.

    The easiest way to regenerate, and thus seal the intestine can be through the use of proper diet. It is recommended to use a minimum of four weeks of diet, which consists of:
    • turned off cow's milk and all its products - allowed all substitutes: goat, sheep, soy;
    • turn off the hen's egg and all of its products - are allowed all the other eggs: duck, turkey, quail;
    • turned off "raw" - all products of plant origin must undergo heat treatment (cooking, braising, roasting, frying, etc.).


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