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How to avoid constipation?

What to eat and drink, to avoid constipation?

If constipation is duplicated, it can not be underestimated. About constipation occurs when the flush occurs less frequently than three times a week. Their cause is weak muscle contractions in the colon. They slow down the movement of the stool when it is close to the rectum. Usually accompanied by abdominal pain and bloating. This is a result of too lazy bowel.

What diet for constipation?

Intestinal transit, the time it takes for the food that we had moved through the digestive tract (in a healthy adult usually takes less than 72 hours).
Note! Most problems associated with constipation are caused by irregular and poor nutrition, insufficient amount of water in the diet, lack of exercise, refrain from too frequent bowel movements and the use of laxatives.

How to encourage bowel to work?

Simply need to change the eating habits :)

First of all you need to make to your diet :
  • Whole grain rye bread , more vegetables, fruit , cereal, yogurt and kefir contain live bacteria .

Meals should be planned at fixed times . preferably 4-5 times a day , but small portions. Food must chew slowly, so as not to swallow air. Every day we drink to 2 liters of still mineral water.

We must also find time for a daily walk or gymnastics, because it improves intestinal function. In order to get rid of constipation, it is best to turn to the diet products that stimulate the intestine to the intensive work , such as:
  • prunes, raisins, dates, figs, flax seeds and sunflower seeds.

Note! Often sought after laxative preparations ready, and most of them contain synthetic substances that can act negatively on the gastrointestinal tract. The abuse can cause diarrhea overdose, allergic response, malabsorption, even colitis.
Honey for Constipation

When we reach the honey at different ailments. We know that it works well for constipation.

Preparation: Dissolve a tablespoon of honey in the evening in warm boiled water (not boiling!) And leave for the night. Drink in the morning. The regular bowel movements return after a few days of treatment.

Beetroot and cumin for constipation

Raw beet grate on fine grater and add a teaspoon of ground cumin, a teaspoon of oil and a pinch of salt. Mix all together and eat on an empty stomach 10 tablespoons. Constipation should disappear after 3 days. It is also good to drink daily fresh beet juice.

Oatmeal for constipation

To a boiling cup of water add a teaspoon of butter and pour 1/2 cup oatmeal. Add a spoonful of flax seed, raisins, apricots, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and a tablespoon of wheat bran or spelled. Cook for a few minutes and eat for breakfast.

Flaxseed for constipation

It is a rich source of fiber. Flaxseed can be added to vegetable soup . Grate carrots with large eyes, parsley, a piece of celery and three dugout. Pour 1/2 liter of water and boil for 15 minutes. At the end, add 2 tablespoons of flaxseed. Eat on an empty stomach.

Sauerkraut constipation

With chronic constipation are helpful silage, especially sauerkraut, which is rich in fiber. When we get tired of constipation, you should also take advantage of treatment with sauerkraut juice. You need to drink a glass of drink once a day on an empty stomach.

Prunes for constipation

In addition to the sweet taste, they have the nutritional and therapeutic properties. It is a rich source of fiber, which improves intestinal function .

Drink for constipation: 5 prunes pour a glass of boiling water and let stand overnight. In the morning enjoy a brew and eat plums.

Coarse cereal and vegetables for constipation

Fibre cleanses the body of toxins, regulates the digestive system and stimulates the intestines, preventing constipation. Most of it is in groats (especially thick as hulled), wholemeal bread, bran, carrots, apples, peas, beans, soybeans, cabbage, brussels sprouts and onions.


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