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Herbs to the liver Rev. Klimuszko

Blends of herbs to the ks.Klimuszko liver

A liver which is also fulfilling is the biggest gland of our organism important and difficult tasks. He weighs c 1.5 kg.
A liver is a very precise mechanism which has a huge manufacturing and food-processing power. He is an automatic chemical laboratory about multidirectional action and not-having the equivalent, in no chemical conglomerate, with no made laboratory with human hand.

She is standing on guard of the correct activity of almost all vital processes of our organism. Therefore is crammed between two arrangements: etchings and circulations.

Thanks to bile and other juices produced by this organ at least a half of the work is being filled up in the digestive process (especially as regards the canailles).

Cleansing digested chyme of all poisons which are staying absorbed by her is an important part of the liver and for it she just often surrenders to poisoning.

It is worthwhile so helping her with this task, and to liver diseases blends of herbs are an effective assistance.

Blends of herbs according to Rev. Klimuszko

Blend to the phlegmasia of the liver

1. knotgrass herb
2. milfoil herb
3. herb of the St John's wort
4. leaf of the peppermint
5. leaf of the buckbean
6. blackberry leaf
7. alder buckthorn bark
8. root of the dandelion
9. baskets of the camomile
10. couch grass root-stock
11. fruit of the rose
Preparation: to mix herbs with oneself in equal portions for 50 hr To pour the glass of boiling water over the heaped spoonful of this blend and to leave covered for brewing.

Next to strain, lightly to heat and to drink before the meal.

To drink three times per day after the glass, 20 minutes before the meal.

Blend to cirrhosis

1. inflorescence of the helichrysum
2. nettle leaf
3. couch grass root-stock
4. root of the dandelion
5. blessed thistle herb
6. elecampane root
7. leaf of the bilberry
8. common bahu leaf
9. root of chicory
10. common birch leaf
11. alder buckthorn bark

Preparation: like higher.

If it will turn out, that 3 glasses per day it too much, then one should limit the dosage to 2 glasses or drink it 3 times, but after of fields of the glass.

At sharp hepatalgias he is bringing relief is bringing the light heating for her, e.g. with a warming cushion.

Blend to cholelithiasis

1. inflorescence of the helichrysum
2. knotgrass herb
3. leaf of the buckbean
4. leaf of the peppermint
5. herb of the St John's wort
6. milfoil herb
7. greater celandine herb
8. root of the dandelion
9. alder buckthorn bark
10. couch grass root-stock
11. blessed thistle herb

Preparation: like higher.

Every day before the dream one should drink the spoonful of the strict olive oil, and then drink the juice of the entire lemon mixt with oil. Still for 9 days.

This method is precipitating crushing stones in the gall bladder.

Note! All the time to avoid the treatment of animal fats and foods which flatulences are calling.


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