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Herbs to cure stomach ache

Herbs and the diet to stomach ache

In this case pain is being felt in the hole under heart. He appears suddenly and comparatively quickly is passing. He constitutes the manifestation of digestive disorders relating to the stomach neurosis.

Pain appears by the full, as well as empty stomach, and most often attacks us at night. The vomiting in general isn't appearing, and when pain remains above one hour, he causes it sweat and weakness.

Some persons are losing their appetite, and other whereas are feeling wolfish appetite - they are eating everything and are drinking, and it causes constipations and the flatulence.

Herbs in curing stomach ache

The treatment is aimed here at bringing like of the fastest relief.

Note! After giving pain up one should conduct the longer treatment.
1) in order to bring fast relief to oneself one should get into bed, to surround legs with bottles from the heat with water wrapped up in towels or with bedwarmers. However hot compresses which it is necessary to change every 10 minutes are being put on the belly.

2) in case of constipations, one should make the enema from 1 warm l infusions from the chamomile flower.
Preparation: to flood 4 spoons of the chamomile flower 1 boiling waters. To put away under the lid on 10 min. To chill and to strain

3) if an attack by pain takes place, one should drink 1 cup of the peppermint, the wormwood herb and the herb of the summer savory then hourly.

Preparation: after 50 g exactly to mix each of elements. to pour 0.5 l of boiling water over 2 spoonfulfuls of blend and to put back under the lid on 10 minutes, and then to strain.

Note! One should drink this blend also 3 times a day around 1 cup for 7 days after giving pain up.

Diet to stomach ache

One should take milk-vegetable food mainly excluding eggs, the flour and groats. A curd prepared at home, fresh fruit juices and vegetable soups are making advances.

Note! It is necessary to avoid cold drinks, especially in combination with hot foods.


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