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Green diet

Cleaning green diet

Green diet to splendid way to clean all toxins off the organism. He is also helping recover the energy. So it is worthwhile I to try out.
For her green fruits and vegetables are an essential element. Therefore green diet. The colour comes from chlorophyll - of pigment which the sunlight is claiming and is turning them into the energy which is needed for plants for the height. He has a favourable influence also on the human organism.

Chlorophyll is stimulating the growth of the number of red corpuscles, prevents bleeding from gums and paradentitis. Thanks to him intestines will be cleaned harmful products of metabolism, is disinfecting also kidneys, is assisting the functioning of the liver. He is eliminating toxins, heavy metals, as well as free radicals which cells can damage. He is helping also to strengthen the organism.

Principles of the green cleaning diet

You must this way compose meals so that green vegetables or fruits constitute at least a half. Season the food with fresh herbs, the garlic and the olive oil.

You must avoid the meat and eggs and dairy products, of fried and processed dishes, salty przegryzek, of sweets and substances of all kinds.

Remember! Drink much. Minimum of 2 l per day. A still mineral water will be best, green tea, infusion from the dandelion and green vegetable and fruit juices.

Products in the green cleaning diet

Vegetables: you can eat all green vegetables. For them they are greener, all the better:
  • brassica vegetables (kale, cabbage, Brussels sprout, sprouting broccoli, kohlrabi), they contain much vitamin C and beta-carotene, they are assisting cleaning the organism;
  • leaf vegetables - lettuce has deacidificationing action and is facilitating also digestive processes, and the spinach is supporting functioning of the digestive system;
  • the marrow and courgette are light and have a beneficial effect to the digestive system, are providing with also many nutritients;
  • the celery and chicory - substances which they are assisting contain the functioning of the liver as well as are cleaning kidneys, are also having a diuretic effect;
  • cucumbers, also substances harmful to the to health are helping to remove the excess of water from the organism, and consequently.
  • apples are an abounding source of fibre which is acting as the feather duster and is removing undigested leftovers of food from intestines, it is also an abounding source of the vitamin C;
  • the kiwi fruit contains enzymes which are hastening the metabolism and vitamin C;
  • grapes are an abounding source of potassium which an excess of water is helping to dismiss from organism and having polyphenols action against cancerous;
  • pears are having a diuretic effect lightly and contain iodine which is essential for the health of the thyroid gland;
  • an avocado is a source healthy for the heart of unsaturated fats. 
To it:
  • Olive oil or rape oil which are the source of precious omega-3 acids. They are precipitating the metabolism, as well as are assisting expelling harmful substances.
  • Milk drinks ferment (natural yogurt, buttermilk) they contain living bacterial cultures, and they are regulating functioning of the digestive tract and calcium which the decomposition of fat cells is hastening.
Remember! During applying the green diet (1-3 weeks) it is necessary to give up applying the salt, because she is stopping water in the body, and along with her - toxins and heavy metals.


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