Diet reflux disease

Gastroesophageal reflux disease - diet

Each person has individual characteristics, so it is very important to observe your body and eliminating foods that cause disease.

All the dishes and products that are listed as undesirable can be eaten, but consumption should be limited.

Particular attention is paid to food greasy, spicy, citrus, citrus fruit juices, chocolate and chocolate products, tomatoes and tomato juice, coffee and drinks.

Products and dishes recommended and not recommended with gastroesophageal reflux disease 

Products and dishes permitted under reflux disease

Grain Products: white bread, whole wheat, graham type; cereal small, thick (eg, pearl barley, buckwheat), rice, pasta.

Milk and dairy products: milk sweet or sour, natural yoghurt and fruit, cottage cheese thin and vanishing, cream cheese.

Eggs: boiled and soft -boiled.

Meat, meat, fish: lean meats: beef, veal, chicken, turkey (without skin), lean pork in a limited quantity, lean fish: freshwater fish (eg bream, perch, pike-perch), marine (eg, cod, hake, pollock solos), oily fish freshwater and marine in limited quantities, lean meats pork, chicken, beef, meat and fish cooked, stewed, baked.

Fats: butter, in small quantities, goblet margarine in small amounts, vegetable oils in minor amounts, cream 18 % or less.

Potatoes: cooked (whole and mashed) as a pure (without added butter), dumplings.

And processed vegetables: Vegetables and vegetable products not listed in products not mentioned.

Fruits and fruit: fruit and fruit not mentioned in the column next to it.

Sugar and sweets: sugar, honey, candy not listed in products not mentioned.

Desserts: compotes, jellies, mousses, jellies, biscuits, yeast dough.

Spices: Spices are not listed in the products not mentioned.

Soups: All is not cooked bone broth and cream whitewashed in limited quantities of vegetable soup legumes and brassicas.

Meat and fish dishes: boiled, stewed without prior roast, baked in aluminum foil or parchment paper in a plastic sleeve, meatballs, puddings, meat, fish.

Dishes made ​​from flour and groats: food items which are not listed in the products.

Sauces: Mild, primed sweet cream, butter or egg yolk, flour thickened slurry in water, sweet cream or milk.

Soft drinks, mineral water does not carbonated ,weak tea, herbal teas (except mint ), fruit teas .

Alcoholic beverages: nothing.

Dishes and products inadvisable at reflux disease

Cereal products: -

Milk and dairy products: milk fat 3.2 % or more fat cottage cheese, hard cheeses, processed, mold, feta, fromage type

Eggs: scrambled eggs fried in fat or bacon

Meat, meat, fish: Fatty meat: pork, mutton, geese , ducks, greasy sausages, offal, meat pies, canned meat, meat and fish fried in fat.

Fats: lard, bacon, sour cream and 22% more fat.

Potatoes: French fries, fried potatoes, potato pancakes, potato chips .

And processed vegetables: tomatoes and tomato products, particularly tomato juice, tomato paste, onions and bulb vegetables, asparagus, artichokes, legumes.

Fruits and fruit of citrus: grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, citrus fruit juices, apples (raw) bananas, highly sweetened jams.

Sugar and sweets: chocolate and chocolate products, halva.

Desserts: cakes and biscuits, cream and cake, cakes, pastry products, fragile, donuts.

Spices: paprika, chili, curry, pepper.

Soups cooked broth from the bones, whitewashed cream.

Meat and fish dishes: fried, stewed with prior roasting, baked in a traditional way.

Dishes made ​​from flour and groats: food fried in deep fat, fried foods, dishes and coated with bacon fat.

Sauces: spicy broth prepared from bones or fatty meats, thickened with roux, with the addition of cream, mayonnaise.

Beverages: strong tea, coffee, herbal tea with mint, soda .

Alcoholic beverages: all alcohols and especially low-interest (beer, white wine) and drinks containing citrus juices, carbonated drinks or tomato juice.


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