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Diet Cleansing the body

How to cleanse the body of toxins and lose weight?

With the three-day cleansing diet can cleanse the body of toxins and the way to lose 2-3 kg. Many of the products that you eat because it contains substances that are not conducive to maintaining health into old age (eg, preservatives, flavor enhancers so, and even the type of heavy metals mercury, lead).

Tissues can also be contaminated by organic food when it is eaten without moderation or happen to us nadpsute use products. Toxins localize in different cells, but it is their exceptional amount usually in the fat.

Note! Apply strictly to the guidance provided herein, and after three days you will notice that not only did your stomach flatter, but also improved your mood.

The use of this diet adds vigor, skin becomes firmer and smoother, and shinier hair, and this means that the body is cleansed and running smoothly.

Remember! The three-day cleansing diet can be applied every three months.

Rules cleansing diet

People who work should plan treatment for a weekend and end on Monday.

The day before treatment should eat 4-5 light meals. The fat should be kept to a minimum - for lunch eat a piece of cooked lean meat with vegetables, and dinner such as yogurt and fruit.

Observe hours of eating and drinking, as well as the size of servings consumed. Diet is so conceived that there is no drop in blood sugar, because if the level has dropped, then we would be weak and drowsy.

The last meal should be eaten to 18.30.

Note! You can not underestimate the drinking water, because it stimulates the kidneys to excrete toxins and reduces hunger.

I can partially replace the weak infusions of green tea, nettle or horsetail. Tea does not add lemon, because it causes the precipitation of aluminum and its accumulation in the body.

After completion of diet to eat in moderation.

Note! Those without medical contraindications , diet can help visit to the sauna. This will help in losing extra kilo and facilitate the body to expel toxins through the skin.

The three-day cleansing diet not only helps get rid of toxins and lose a few extra pounds, but also improves metabolism, and makes it much easier to maintain in the future, the optimal weight.

If we eat a lot of raw vegetables, fruits and drink freshly squeezed juices are delivered to the body also plenty of enzymes, fiber, phytoestrogens, vitamins, minerals, and water (it is our unsung ally).

1 day cleansing diet

(about 900 kcal a lot of protein)

On that day diet could be based only on drinking the same juices without added sugar (clean and slim, they provide few calories), but nutritionists have decided to enter into a protein diet that accelerate metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Hour 8 and 9

Drink a glass of orange juice, apple and mixed with a few tablespoons of milk and a spoon of oatmeal or bran.

Hour 10

Drink a glass of still mineral water or (if we cold) cup of weak green tea.

Hour 11, 13, 15

Once incomplete drink a glass of cocktail prepared with 200 ml of skim natural yoghurt, 2 cups of beet juice and two glasses of carrot juice .

Those who like it can add to this drink a tablespoon of chopped parsley, which is a diuretic.

Hour 12, 14, 16

Drink a glass of mineral water or tea with nettle.

Hour 18

Eat a salad with lean meat after cooking (this can be eg half cooked chicken breast), lettuce or cabbage, cooked beets and onions.

Vegetable ingredients you do not need too limited, because they contain very few calories.

Note! You can not overdo it , however, with the amount not to jostle the stomach, which is about the size of two fists , and the task of the diet is also shrinking it .

For salads rather not add any oil, season with a pinch of salt I only.

Hour 18.30

Drink a glass of skimmed meat and vegetable broth or vegetable, prepared with several parsley, carrots and celery.

2 and 3 days cleansing diet

(about 900 calories, a little protein, lots of salads)

In this day no longer drink cocktails throughout the day it is a variety of fruits and vegetables, and at the evening meal you have to prepare something nutritious with protein.

Hour 8

Eat a salad with melon. In addition, the dietary fruit (only 32 kcal per 100 g) can add to it an apple, a piece of pink grapefruit and other popular fruits. Eat a full bowl .

Hour 9

Drink a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon or orange.

Hour 10

Eat a small banana, which is slightly more calories than other fruits, but requires energy, and therefore his eating good for us.

Hour 11

Drink a glass of warm water.

Hour 12, 14, 16

Eat a salad with citrus. One serving should be submitted: one orange fruit, kiwi and lemon quarters. Make a salad grapes or frozen strawberries. You can also add a few leaves of lemon balm or a pinch of dried.

Note! Every time you need to prepare a fresh salad, sliced ​​fruit as quickly lose vitamin  C.

Hour 11, 13, 15

Drink a glass of warm water.

Hour 18

Eat vegetables with dips. Mix 100 g of cottage cheese and plain yogurt. Divided into several portions, each give a different flavor, for example, by adding tomato paste, horseradish, curry, etc. Eat with sliced ​​vegetables.


Drink a cup of green tea or a glass of skim broth.


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