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Apple cider vinegar diet

The two-day diet based on apple cider vinegar

It is a two-day diet, which is based concoction consisting of water and apple thistle. Potion is quite tasty, and it is made by adding 1 cup of warm (not hot) water 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. The drink you need to drink small sips three times a day (3 times 1 cup).
Moreover, in the course of the diet one should drink much still mineral water, of herbal teas and fruit and of stock of vegetables without the salt.

Note! Every day it is necessary to drink at least 2 litres of liquids.
You will detoxicate the thanks of this treatment and you will clean the organism. You will also lose 1-1, 5 kg.

It is possible to drink the cider vinegar during every diet, because is precipitating the etching, is filling up as well as contains many vitamins, of minerals and pectins. Moreover he prevents bursts of "bulimia" and is cleaning the organism.

Three-day-old apple diet

The cleaning apple diet is the diet most well-known to mono (during the diet only one product is being eaten). He is sweeping out from the organism (particularly from the digestive tract) all toxins collected in it.

Course of the apple diet

For three days one should eat only apples, without limitation and for the figure (without the addition of the sugar). The best effect of cleaning is being get eating raw apples with the crust.

When you feel desire, you can drink the herbal tea or fruit without the sugar or still mineral water.

Note! Persons suffering from illnesses of the digestive tract (particularly a hyperacidity), pancreases and livers and gastric ulcers and of duodenum, should modify the apple diet - instead of raw apples it is necessary then to eat apples baked or strangled with the small amount of water but without the sugar.
The full, three-day-old apple treatment can be conducted what two, three months, but persons which have problems with withstanding in the diet by 3 days can use the equally beneficial variant: time during the week one apple day, because one day on the apple diet is already helping to eliminate effects of made dietary mistakes.

The radical reform is based on apples, since they are an abounding source of pectins which are cleaning the digestive tract and are lowering the cholesterol count. Apart from that, apples contain much natural dietary supplement very much. They have little calorie - one fruit is a c 80 kcal. They don't cause allergy and are enhancing the immune system. Roasted, are a wonderful medicine for the irritated pancreas and the liver.


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