How to treat liver and gallbladder

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cleansing the liver by Michael Tombak

Treatment Cleansing the liver by Michael Tombak

Caution! The effectiveness of this method for cleaning the liver is dependent on the full application of the provision and carry out all its stages.

Phase I liver cleansing treatment by Michael Tombak

Initial preparation - "easing" of the body, which is necessary to ensure that it loosen, warm and moisten.

This can be achieved, for example in the sauna (dry or steam) or taking a hot bath.

     Caution! Such procedures shall be at least 5, and the duration should be between 10 to 20 minutes.

It is very important to feel the relaxation, unwind after such treatment soothing and warm up the entire body.

Recent "relaxation" should be carried out on the day before major surgery cleansing.

Phase II liver cleansing treatment by Michael Tombak

For 3-4 days before treatment of liver eat only vegetable products, drink 1/2 liters of freshly squeezed juice from beet + apple in a ratio of 1:4, and every day for the night pic brew with herbal laxatives.

Stage III liver cleansing treatment by Michael Tombak

Cleaning should be done with proper liver at the end of the week (Friday - Saturday or Saturday - Sunday).

1-2 day: all day only juice drink ad libitum. When you're hungry - drink juice, you want to drink - drink juice (beet + apple , 1:4 ).

During the day, the most moving, stay in the open air.

    Caution! Just do not freeze and cool the body.

With strong feeling of hunger to eat baked apples and honey.

The evening before bedtime take a warm bath (10-15 minutes) and enjoy a brew with herbal laxatives.

Day 3 in the morning drink a decoction of herbs, laxatives , and then during the day to 18 hours of juice drink ( while very hungry to eat baked apple with honey ) .

After the 14th hour from time to time, hot surface heating pad liver or hot water bottle - that the 18 th hour.

At 18 -th , prepare a mixture of:

    150 g of olive oil and 150 g lemon juice, 6 slices of lemon, clove of garlic.

Preparation: Grind and put into a jar with a lid.

Prepare warm bedding.

As we have already prepared everything, it's about time 1830 comes hot shower, good hot body, wiped dry and put to bed.

At 19 - the get up and drink 2 tablespoons of olive, which immediately washed down with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.

    Caution! If you meet the vomiting is to take a slice of lemon, and if the condition persists, then open the jar and smell of garlic.

Then it will be an uncomfortable feeling.

Then you need to lie down again and warmed the liver. The 15 minutes is drunk again olive and lemon juice. And so every 15 minutes until you drink a whole olives and the lemon juice.

If the next batch (usually four) of nausea did not pass, then you need to limit the amount already drunk. Then you go to bed on the right side and put the heating pad or hot water bottle on the liver and watch TV or read.

If there is a concern , then take two tablets No- spy. After 1,5-2-3 hours start pressure and empty your bowel. Around midnight, drink a brew with herbal laxatives and go to sleep.

In the morning enjoy a brew with herbal laxatives and eat a light breakfast from vegetable products, fruit and vegetables. You can also eat grits on the water.

For dinner vegetable soup ( vegetarian ), for dinner baked or boiled potatoes with the addition of vegetables, rice with stewed vegetables, etc.

From the next day you can expand your diet.

How many times to clean the liver?

The first cleansing the liver is the most difficult, because the body loses a lot of power. Typically eliminated a lot of the old yellow, mold, white thread, green "canapés", but the stones can not be.

This will not mean that the groom did not succeed. Just the liver is heavily contaminated, and during subsequent purification stones appear.

This should be done after 3-4 weeks, then this should be done once every three months. After 5-7 purification treatment can be carried out once a year.

Why carry out the first purification treatment of liver?

Because the liver is made up of four parts, and within a cleansing treatment has time to clean only one part, in the second - the second and so on.

    Caution! If you change the diet, after each cleansing therapy stones will fall as in quarries.

Further purification of the liver is also needed on the ground, with stones in the liver and bile ducts were deposited slowly over many years and have become smooth and combined to form the bile ducts, and they do not annoy the patient pain, only interfere with normal liver function.

Conducting cleansing treatment disintegrate them, they begin to move and change shape and its location and its rough edges can irritate the walls of the bile ducts.

During the subsequent purification stones are decreasing and are easily excreted.

    Caution! If after 2 days from the first cleansing treatment is perceived severity of the liver in the liver, after 2 weeks of treatment the treatment should be repeated.

People with gall bladder removed should carry out necessary treatment liver cleansing.

If you feel discomfort after eating, bouts of colic, flatulence, indigestion ...

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