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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Ear infection remedies

Remedies for ear infection

Construction of the ear and its connection to the upper airway causes some people often complain about the ailments of ears, others less.

Warning! When you earache happens several times a year, enclose them special care, but special care does not mean wearing headgear whole year, inserting cotton wool in the ears, continuous overheating and closing ears. On the contrary. Permanent plugging and covering canals may aggravate symptoms.

Already at the first disturbing feeling of discomfort and ear, let 2 drops of oil or oil. It gently moisturizes the ear, soften earwax and alleviate pain. It will also help warm compress and arrange the head during sleep that aching ear was higher.

Mucolytic syrup for earache

When the low respiratory tract infection, which is accompanied by a runny nose or cough, ear pain occurs, apply mucolytic expectorant syrup thinning secretions.

If the pain is caused by fluid that accumulates in the ear, mucolytic thins it and facilitate the expulsion of the Eustachian tube.

Olive oil for earache

Gently heat the oil or oil (at room temperature) and 1-2 drops dropper put into the external auditory canal.

Warning! Before putting in check, or certainly at the right temperature - no oil may be hot.

Olive moisturize, soften earwax surging, alleviate pain.

Chewing gum for ear pain

Ear pain sometimes is caused by pressure changes that triggered eg. swimming diving trip in the high mountains or travel by plane. Founded difference between the ear and the environment aligns the slow, careful chewing of food, and chewing gum.

Onions earache

Boil a whole onion. 1/2 hot onion to pass the linen cloth or gauze and folded several times to align the aching ear. You can wrap her head scarf to hold the wrap ear. After fifteen minutes remove wrap. 2 hours later repeat the pack with the remaining onions.

Warning! Do not insert pieces of onion ear.


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