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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sleepiness after eating

Sleepiness after eating - what does it mean?

After eating a meal you feel tired or full of energy? If you have eaten lunch, you want to lie down for a few hours to bed and sleep, then I would think why is this so?

What to look for?

For sure on what you eat. Of course, at the beginning you have to rule out diseases such as: diabetes, because it can cause drowsiness, and of course if zarwałeś night, you are entitled to feel sleepy. If it happens once in a while, I think, that this is not a problem, each of us it happens.

Warning! But if you feel drowsy, sleepy, with no desire to live every day, somewhere here must be a problem.

What you eat and how much you eat

You need to pay attention to it. Quantity is important here (literally), because if the meal is too large, your body is trying to focus all its energy on digestion, not eg. for thinking or for any other activities.

It is also important what you eat.

Warning! As for the meal for lunch, this is the best combination of vegetable protein, or eg. A salad with tuna salad, meat, salad with chick peas or steamed vegetables with meat or beans (another kind of protein).

Too much carbohydrate in the meal

If you eat too many carbohydrates at lunch, it'll be sleepy because it emits a large amount of insulin and serotonin. Serotonin is associated with sleep. It helps us fall asleep.

Warning! Remember to also keep blood sugar on an even level during the day.

If in the morning you eat something that contains a large amount of sugar, you will get a boost of energy almost immediately, but then insulin will beat sugar levels too low and you will have a hole, where you wanted to add yourself the boost of energy once again and it is a vicious circle you will need all the time for some assistance in the form of sugar or simple carbohydrates.

Body detox

Often the drowsiness caused by the excessive amount of toxins in the body. Therefore, we cleaned regularly on the agenda of the body of toxins. This will help you milk thistle.


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