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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Green tea and weight loss

Green tea helps you lose weight

Green tea is a part of almost all weight loss supplements, and drinking it became a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. If you care about the health and silhouette, this infusion of green leaves should be high on the list of your favorite beverage.
Note! For green tea had a slimming effect, you have to remember to drink tea leaf and drink at least 3 cups a day of infusion. Extremely important in this case is consistency.

How does green tea?

Operation of green tea has a significant impact on reducing fat mass. Discovered that EGCG increases energy expenditure, or drinking green tea will burn calories.

It is therefore an important impact on the amount of fat in the body, but its effects are not limited to reduced food intake, but also include the activation of thermogenesis (metabolic and physiological process, which involves the formation of body heat). Thermogenesis requires expenditure of energy that is consumed to raise body temperature and thus are calorie burned.

Note! Each of us has different caloric needs, which depends on its weight, pay and lifestyle.

Taking too many calories causes obesity and depositing a layer of fat. In contrast, burning calories makes losing weight, and the layer of fat is reduced.

Other properties of green tea

  •   Tea infusion regulates digestion.
  •     It has bactericidal and bacteriostatic properties.
  •     Exhibits weak diuretic (indicated as an adjunct to treatment hematuria, and nephritis).
  •     A positive effect on the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands and spleen, respiratory system, skin, vascular system.
  •     It regulates blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, strengthens capillaries on.
  •     A beneficial effect on the human nervous system, removes fatigue, headache, stimulates and activates the mental work, mainly due to the fact that dilates the blood vessels of the brain, causing it to better blood flow and oxygenation.
  •     According to Japanese scientists in green tea is the secret of a long life. It contains ingredients that have an impact inhibit the aging process.
  •     Drinking green tea reduce the risk of cancer, possibly by reducing free radicals in the body.
  •     Cold brew is indicated eyewash in conjunctivitis.

How to brew green tea?

For the preparation of green tea best use soft water, low in calcium and chlorine-free. Unfortunately, in our taps flowing water with high chlorine content.

Note! If you can not filter the water, use a non-carbonated mineral water, with a low calcium content.

Preparation of tea: pour a teaspoon of dried glass of water at. 80 ° C. Each time, use fresh water, once cooked. Brew tea no longer than 3-4 minutes.

Too strong tea tastes of spinach or algae. Then dilute it with water, and the gain in flavor.


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