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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sauerkraut juice

Cleansing the body of sauerkraut juice

 In winter, it is probably the richest source of vitamin C, K, B group, as well as potassium, calcium, iron and. Sauerkraut is a real vitamin bomb, and yet at the time of increased morbidity our bodies need natural reinforcement.

Sauerkraut juice
provides the body with valuable vitamins, thereby enhancing our immunity. Also alleviates cough, increases appetite and stimulates the digestive juices. Included in cabbage large amounts of B vitamins are oxygenating properties, softening the effects of alcohol.

Note! Drinking rich in vitamins sauerkraut juice will improve your immunity and will aid the liver, spleen, gall bladder. The juice also works in healing varicose veins, anus, rheumatism, gout and arteriosclerosis.

Treatment with sauerkraut juice

It should carry out such treatment. Thanks to perfectly cleanse the body.

For this purpose, drink half a cup of juice three times a day.

Note! In the morning drink the juice on an empty stomach, half an hour in the evening after dinner.

What is important - 100 ml of juice from sauerkraut is only 12 calories.

Good to know

The juice from sauerkraut you will find a large amount of vitamin B12, which is needed to maintain the freshness of mind, good mood, stress resistance, good functioning of the brain and nerves of iron absorption, build red blood cells, cell growth and the construction of the bone tissue. It is also a rich source of pridoksyny (vitamin B6), without which there can be conversion of proteins.

The sour cabbage will also find niacin (vitamin PP), important for energy production of cells, general metabolism, ensure good mood and a large amount of pantothenic acid (vitamin B6). It is also a solid dose of vitamin C (immune system and hormone production), potassium (diuretic and detoxifying), iron (hematopoiesis), magnesium (muscle strength and heart) and zinc (connective tissue, mental capacity).


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