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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Vegetable diet

Fruit and vegetable diet

Diet slimming propagated by Dr. Ewa Dabrowska. It is used by many doctors who oversee the diet at resorts that carry health holiday.

This diet (also known as fasting or semi-fasting) may also be used at home, the min. 2 weeks or longer (up to 6 weeks).

According to Dr. Dabrowska, great silhouette is just a side effect. The effect of vegetable diet will remove toxins from the body, pathogenic deposits and degenerated cells. Overall improvement in health.

What you can eat


Root: carrots, beets, parsley, celery, radish, turnip.

Hardwood: all lettuce, celery, kale, tops.

Onion: Onions, leeks, garlic.

Brassica: all cabbage, cauliflower, kohlrabi, broccoli.

Nightshade: peppers, tomatoes

Cucurbits: pumpkin, squash, zucchini.

Herbs: all


Sweet little apples, grapefruit, lemon.

You can not eat

Do not eat meat, fish, dairy products, legumes, bread, pasta, rice, groats, fat.

Do not drink: alcohol, strong tea, coffee, juices and beverages.

Fruits should be eaten in the form of salads and juices. Especially recommended pickled vegetables.

Note! Contraindication to the diet is diabetes on insulin, adrenal insufficiency, cancer, organ transplantation, pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Sample menus vegetable diet

Day One

Breakfast: tomato with onion and a clove of garlic; white radish salad, apples and pickled cucumber; salad with fresh cabbage, carrots and leeks; carrot juice and apples; tea.

Lunch: vegetarian stuffed cabbage.

Ingredients: large head of cabbage, a few carrots, 2 large celeriac, 2 parsley, leek, onion, basil, parsley, tomato sauce, salt and pepper.

Preparation: Cook the vegetables by steaming or boiling in salted water. When cooled down, grind and spice basil, chopped parsley, salt and pepper. With blanched cabbage in boiling water, remove the leaves. Wrap the stuffing in the leaves, heat the tomato sauce.

Dinner: salad with cooked beets with apple and onion, baked apple, tomato juice, mint tea.

Day Two

Breakfast: coleslaw with apple, lemon and dill, tomato with pickled cucumber; carrot juice; infusion of nettle.

Lunch: vegetable soup; Served with celery and apples with the addition of lemon juice; beets cooked with onion and garlic.

Ingredients for the soup: carrots, parsley, celery, leek, onion, half cauliflower, half of broccoli, cucumber or a little bit of cucumber, lovage, allspice, gray salt and pepper.

Preparation: Cut the greens and pour over boiling water. Add spices and cook for 10 minutes. Add divided into florets cauliflower and broccoli. Cook for 10 minutes. Finally, add the finely grated cucumber or pour acid.

Dinner: apple sauce with cinnamon, carrots cooked.

Day three

Breakfast: salad with carrots, beets warm with horseradish, tomato with onion and parsley, green tea.

Lunch: vegetable casserole; acid from sugar

Ingredients: 2 zucchini or squash; 2 yellow peppers; 2 onions; 3 tomatoes; oregano; clove of garlic; sol.

Preparation: Cut the courgettes into slices. Peppers cut into wide strips and tomatoes in the particle. Chop the onion and garlic. Simmer on a Teflon pan the onion and garlic, adding a tablespoon of water. Add the zucchini and peppers, cover tightly with a lid and simmer a few minutes. Transfer to a casserole dish, add the tomatoes, oregano and a pinch of salt. Bake in a hot oven for 15 minutes.

Dinner: Sauerkraut with grapefruit and carrots.

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