How to treat liver and gallbladder

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The tincture of the liver and bile ducts

Tincture for liver problems and bile ducts

Tincture strengthens the stomach, has beneficial effects on appetite, headache pain-relieving, and further has a bile and choleretic, antispasmodic within the biliary tree, it stimulates the flow of bile from the duodenum.

It is also a means of preventing the formation of gallstones, and in addition has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory within the biliary tree.

It is recommended that it is too low renal secretion of bile and inflammation of the liver, gall bladder and biliary tract, as well as gastritis, gastric absence of the original persistent constipation and bloating as well as for stimulation of appetite.

The recipe for a tincture

Ingredients: English herb 10g | Malabar cardamom 10 g | 20 g turmeric | 5 - 6 fresh, fully ripe St . John 's wort flowers | 2 liters of spirits 50 °

Preparation: the first day of the vodka add St . John 's wort flowers, after twelve hours of maceration, remove and discard them. On the second day pour half a liter of vodka to 50 ° (in which he soaked up St . John 's wort flowers ) English herb and cardamom, dish tightly shut and set in a warm place. On the seventh day of the same vodka add turmeric. On the tenth day strain the liquid through a filter pape .

Twentieth day strain the liquid through a filter paper for the second time and top up the rest of the vodka, which is one and a half liters. Thirtieth day carefully decant the supernatant liquid from the precipitate, which can still collect on the bottom of the vessel and - if needed - again strain it through a filter paper. Tincture should mature for six months. After this time you have to drink it, preferably chilled to 10-12 ° C.

For the health of the liver can enter even a habit: after lunch or dinner, drink a cup of milk thistle.


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