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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hardening of the body continued

Vigor and strength to the ripe old age

I mentioned recently about the hardening of the body and health through walking barefoot.

Moving forward: the interweaving of heat and cold, for example, in the shower.

First of all, splashed with hot and cold water causes stress. But a positive stress. Activates the defense forces and strengthens the body. This results in a positive impact, refreshes and stimulates.

These types of physiological shock is necessary for the elderly. It stimulates a number of metabolic processes, making it easier to maintain the vigor and strength into old age.

But how did such a promising benefits from such a simple act of quenching?

Well, the impact of the change in heat and cold to the skin means:

a) the impact on the largest organ of the human body. Skin envelope is about a square meter of fabric, 20% of the total weight of the human ...

b) enhancing the natural cover. Leather directly into contact with the surrounding environment. Protects blood vessels, nerves, glands, organs from damage and microbial - destroys many bacteria, so a substance called lysozyme ...

c) the impact on the respiratory and excretory function. The skin breathes, which means that it helps the lungs. By which water is eliminated, thereby relieving the kidneys. In short, free from pollution ...

d) cosmetic effect. Hot and cold water dousing increases blood flow, improving blood vessels adjacent to the skin. As a result, it becomes not only a nicer but improves its physiological properties.

Ladies probably last point like most!

In any case, if you can, and you decide to hardening treatment alternately cold and warm water, always finish with cold or even lukewarm. Cold water closes the blood vessels, stimulates and strengthens.

Today's post will conclude with words the father of medicine, Hippocrates.

     "In order to heal and be healthy, you have to draw the life force, which is located in Nature. Therefore, you should turn to natural treatments, such as hydrotherapy. "~ Hippocrates


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