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Dr Ornish diet

Dr Dean Ornish dietOrnish diet beats records of popularity overseas. It is hardly surprising. Diet developed by Dr. Dean Ornish allows you to quickly lose weight(5 kg a month), improves the test results (dramatically lowers cholesterol) and, best of all, it does not require fasting or calorie counting.

How to properly brush your teeth?

Proper brushing teethOral hygiene start brushing, flossing then do, and at the end - mouthwash liquid dentist.

1. Set the brush at an angle of 45 degrees. Some endings bristles should almost come to the sulcus, thus also it is well cleaned.

Healthy breakfast foods

What's healthy for breakfast? People who start the day with millet, drink less coffee.
10 unusual properties of millet 1. De-acidification of the body. Acidification often leads to the development of diseases such as allergy, asthma, atherosclerosis, arthritis, stomach ulcers, and even cancer. It cleanses the deposits and toxins after antibiotics and other medicines.

Food pyramid 2016

The newfood pyramid The foundation of the pyramid is physical activity. Even if you ate healthily, a little move, do not avoid obesity, which leads to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.