How to treat liver and gallbladder

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What helps with a hangover?

What will help to "New Year's Eve hangover"?

The effects of the next day's syndrome, which occurs after drinking alcohol, you can minimize when you prepare for an all-night party. First of all, before rum fun, eat nutritious dish. Quite greasy and full of food slows the effects of alcohol and accelerates its naturalization. And thus you can expect less headaches and other ailments.

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Remove hemorrhoids

Minimally invasive method of removing hemorrhoids

Small haemorrhoids is the vascular strands which form a small bulge in the rectal mucosa. When everything is working properly, the relaxation of the sphincter muscle of hemorrhoids blood backs up into the arteries, allowing defecating.

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Healthy dinner

Recipe for a healthy and light dinner

I would like to propose to you today zucchini pancakes. They are very delicious. Very quickly it gets. If they are eaten in smaller amounts, it is possible to eat them as a light dinner, but if you like vegetarian lunch can also be enjoyed as a side dish or main dish for example. Options for lunch, if you like.

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How to fight obesity?

The fight against obesity

If the body is supplied sold a lot of calories in food, more energy is consumed, it can lead to weight gain and even obesity. Then increases the possibility of: hypertension, diabetes, hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis, respiratory failure, degenerative changes of the osteoarticular system.

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High iron diet

Iron - element of life

Without iron no life. It is a component of hemoglobin, which are made up of red blood cells (erythrocytes). The role of iron is the most faithful was his participation in the transport of oxygen to all tissues. This element is also essential for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, bone marrow (this is where red blood cells are formed).

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How to improve memory and concentration?

Diet for better memory and concentration

Gaps in memory and problems concentrating appear at any age, but much depends on what we eat. In addition to the properly chosen diet experts recommend physical activity, which improves blood circulation and oxygenates the brain.

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Gallbladder diet menu

A sample menu for people with a sick gallbladder

Some patients gallbladder stones are formed (deposits), which are formed when the meeting in the yellow precipitate its components, that is, crystals of bile salts and cholesterol. The blame for this lies with improper diet: eating too rich and too greasy or on the contrary - fasting and weight-loss diets.

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How to take care of the heart and digestive system?

Diet for the heart and digestive system

Dietary fiber is a component of plants (cereals, vegetables and fruits) which is not digested in the gastrointestinal tract. But it has a beneficial effect on our health. First of all, stimulate the digestive system to work - increases the secretion of saliva (and preliminary digestion in the mouth) and the production of gastric acid, improves peristalsis (and thus the frequency of bowel movements). It also reduces the feeling of hunger, because it swells in the stomach and also helps lower cholesterol and blood sugar.

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How to reduce appetite?

What reduces appetite?

Until recently it was thought that the spices with an intense flavor and aroma increase appetite and were told that for the duration of your diet to give them up. Today we know that the opposite is true: seasoned dishes stare upon them for longer, reducing also feel like snacking between meals.

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Grapefruit and cholesterol

Grapefruit lower cholesterol in the blood

This fruit is extremely beneficial for the heart because it contains active ingredients that result in lowering blood cholesterol levels and may even cause purification arteries from existing deposits.

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Vegetable cocktail cleansing the body

Cleansing cocktail

Detoxification and elimination of toxins from your body is held constant and is independent of whether you use any cleansing treatments or not. However, it does not always go smoothly, and the removal rate is the son depends on you, including from your diet, physical activity and breathing. In your daily diet can not be called. detoxificant, and such properties have fresh vegetables. Detoxification of the body is of extreme importance in preventing diseases and also affects the body's resistance.

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How to raise good cholesterol

Good cholesterol HDL

Cholesterol nobody saw, but we all know that is dangerous. Its excess can clog arteries and, therefore, people with hypercholesterolemia (high cholesterol above 200 mg / dL) should consume more vegetables, fruits, and avoid fatty meats and cold cuts, cheese, yellow, mold, melted cheese, eggs, butter and cream.

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Peach diet

Peach cleanses the body of toxins

In China, where it comes from peach, grown it from 4000 years. It's a real vitamin bomb. It is a source of vitamins A, C, B ​​group and the minerals, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, boron, potassium, folic acid.

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Carrot diet

Cleansing diet carrot

Carrot root has anti parasitic, anti-diabetic, antispasmodic, lowers blood cholesterol levels and regulates digestion. It is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. Increases resistance and elasticity of the skin and mucous membranes.

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Tomato weight loss

3-day diet of tomato

Diet particularly rich in potassium and fiber derived from tomatoes. It provides 1000 kcal. Recommended for people with hypertension and overweight. Lycopene contained in tomatoes will improve the appearance of the skin and prevent the formation of many diseases.

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Best AB diet

Diet for blood group AB

Antigens that are produced by the blood group AB are sometimes similar to produced by group A, B sometimes, and sometimes they are a fusion of both. This variety of quality can be positive or negative, depending on the circumstances.

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Lymphatic cleanse

Purification of the lymphatic system

This treatment should be carried out when the period begins influenza (and other bacterial). Thanks to it without the use of antibiotics will be able to quickly and effectively destroy the infection in the body, and in addition to cleanse the lymphatic system and bloodstream, as well as your inventory of natural vitamin C.

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Jillian Michaels food plan

Jillian Michaels diet regulates metabolism

Jillian Michaels coming from United is an expert in the field of weight loss, fitness trainer and sports medicine specialist. When laying your weight loss program has benefited not only knowledge, but also from our own experience (for years struggled with being overweight).

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How do you calculate BMI?

BMI (Body Mass Index)

BMI (the so-called. Body Mass Index - BMI), the most commonly used indicator, which determines the correct weight. There are a number of indicators, but BMI is considered to be the most practical and is calculated in the same way for men and women.

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Food for liver disease part. 2

Diet for liver disease

Casserole with salmon and spinach

Ingredients for 4 people: 80 grams of salmon fillet | 60 grams of fresh or frozen spinach | 60 grams of pasta ribbons type | of hundreds of melted low-fat (150 g) | 0.2 l of milk 1,5% | 10 dag butter | 2 cloves garlic | 0.6 liters vegetable stock | ginger | salt and pepper

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Irritable bowel syndrome diet plan

Diet in the irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome is characterized by pain and / or discomfort in the abdomen, bloating, change in frequency of bowel movements and stool consistency. The diarrhea can occur alternating with constipation. Pain, discomfort and bloating often subside after a bowel movement. Typical symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome are identified by the physician, however, do not necessarily occur simultaneously or can occur in other embodiments.

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Blood group A diet

Diet for blood group A

This blood group evolved centuries ago (or rather in front of dozens of centuries). Population started to grow, and animals - food, decrease. Therefore, people with blood group A should follow a vegetarian diet, which is rich in plants.

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Cleansing the body parsley

Parsley helps cleanse the body

Parsley, thanks to its rich composition, cleanses the blood of toxins. The body starts to work better and more efficiently. The study also showed intense inflammatory parsley, resulting in a reduction in the frequency of appearance of pimples and acne on face and back.

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Atherosclerosis diet

Diet in atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis - a serious and most common lesion within the inner walls of the arteries. This causes the build up of fatty substances (mainly cholesterol). This causes hardening and thickening of the arterial walls eventually their cross section tapering.

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Healthy weight loss Part 1

How to lose weight healthily?

Products accelerating metabolism

It is worth every day to eat products accelerate metabolism (including wholemeal bread, cereal, spices: pepper, paprika), because through it you can burn more calories than usual, and to doing nothing but eating.

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Living with liver disease

How to live and function of liver disease?

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the liver are in various states of biochemical transformations. Therefore, for the treatment and operation of the sick, inefficient liver is very important to proper diet. Let's examine how to care for a sick liver, and most importantly, how well the function of the liver disease.

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Natural ways to help sleep

Natural ways to insomnia

When evening long toss and turn from side to side, at night you wake up several times, and in the morning not feeling rested, it may be due to such an uncomfortable bed, too high temperature in the bedroom, the noise coming from the street lamp near the window, too heavy dinner, problems at home or work or constant stress.

How to keep your circulatory system healthy?

What affects the poor condition of the circulatory system?

In women: menstruating woman's heart is protected by the female hormones - estrogen. However, a woman who is obese and smokes cigarettes, they do not help. We also know that the risk of heart attack and stroke is much greater when a woman takes birth control pills and did not shy away from alcohol and cigarettes.

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Dr. Gerson Diet

The treatment of Dr. Max Geresona

Max Gerson - German physician from WÄ…growiec, who developed his treatment in 1930 to get rid of migraine attacks. Then tried it on patients who suffered from tuberculosis to good effect in the University Hospital in Munich.

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Giardia Lamblia infection


Lamblia (Giardia lamblia or Lamblia Intestinalis), a small parasites, liking the sand pits, toilets, fountains and lakes. You can also catch them drinking water from shallow wells too, rivers, even dipping his hand in the fountain and then inserting into the mouth.

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Gastrointestinal symptoms

Berries alleviate a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms

Berries are a proven grandmothers recipe for trouble with a sore stomach. Fresh fruit relaxant effect constipation (stimulate intestinal peristalsis), and the juice or decoction (necessarily strained) against diarrhea.

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Phospholipids to strengthen the liver

How to strengthen the liver

The active compounds contained in soy phospholipids are important for the proper functioning of the liver. One of them is choline, which protects the body by a toxin. It is involved in the construction of cell membranes, improves liver function. Also accelerates the regeneration of the cells (hepatocytes).

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Fatty liver disease symptoms

As revealed fatty liver?

Minor fatty liver symptoms pass, and the more you can feel chronic fatigue and drowsiness, tightness or pain in the right side of the rib. If this occurs more than 88 cm at the waist (in women increases the risk of liver problems) better go to your GP and tell him about your symptoms.

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Intestinal motility

What is peristalsis?

The expression is very often rains recently in the media - not without reason. More and more people know that the peristaltic movements of our body depends on comfort - comfort without bloating and indigestion. What exactly is a "motility" and how is it related to the retention of food in the gut?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Natural colon cleansing

Natural ways to colon cleansing

For natural remedies causing mechanical intestinal emptying include mild methods that favor a recovery bowel. These include fiber contained in vegetables, wheat bran and flax seed, and also vegetable oils and also contained in the figs, plums and other stone fruit oils, that are deposited on the intestine and thus enables free movement of the food in the gastrointestinal tract. Enemas which liquify stool.

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Lemon cleanse diet

Cleansing diet lemon

Most of us wince at the thought of eating several lemons. On the one hand, it is even good, because a diet that is based on the same lemons is not the healthiest, but their juice, used as a supplement is worth attention.

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Pancreas disorders

How to take care of the pancreas?

The pancreas - the unremarkable body needs each day to solidly work hard to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it. First, it produces hormones (responsible for the metabolism and help maintain normal blood glucose levels). Secondly, prepared from 1.2 to 3 liters of juice which contains digestive enzymes.

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3 simple cures liver cleansing

How to easily clean the liver?

As you probably already know, the liver is a unique organ that regenerates well, and almost always working full steam. It processes nutrients, stores vitamins and cleanses the body of toxins. It is not innervated, so by itself does not hurt.

Monday, June 2, 2014

The milk diet

Slimming milk diet

Diet is recommended to those who like milk, cocoa and vegetable broth. These are the basic components of the diet of milk. It should be used only on weekends, from Friday to Sunday, and during the week to eat almost anything, but in smaller quantities by half smaller than before.

Cleansing diet, vegetable and fruit

A simple way to cleanse the body

Every day, eat about a kilo of vegetables, especially red and yellow peppers, carrots, onions, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, beans, lentils, chick peas, beans, fresh and pickled cucumbers.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Intestinal health

How to properly take care of the colon?

Many people today suffer from bloating and discomfort in the lower abdomen. The reasons can be many. This may be, for example irritable bowel syndrome, or leaky gut. This may be intolerance to various types of foods or overgrowth of bad bacteria in the intestines.

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How to avoid cancer?

What will help prevent cancer?

Proper diet is one of the most important anti-cancer lifestyle. It can help your body defend against cancerous cells. Some nutrients (eg, indoles, and sulforaphane polyphenols) are able to neutralize carcinogens and thus prevent the mutation of healthy cells in the body.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A vegetarian diet plan

Plan and the provisions of vegetarian diet

Diet vegetarian excludes meat and fish, but still meets all the needs of the body. Valuable and sufficient source of protein in the cheese, eggs, cereals, wholemeal flour and legumes . At the same time a large amount of vegetables and fruits will provide you with adequate amounts of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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Herbs for stomach

Herbal blends for his father stomach Klimuszko

Franciscan friar Andrew Czeslaw Klimuszko was opposed to use in the treatment of one or two herbs. He warned against everyday drinking such teas from the same mint, lime, lemon balm, etc, because in his opinion, prolonged consumption of such infusion can lead to health problems.

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1000 calories diet

1000 calorie diet plan

This is the most famous and most recommended effective way to lose weight. At the start before a good start to a diet of 1000 kcal apply first for a week you should save everything you eat, every meal and snack. In this diet is recommended to reduce the amount of products containing so-called. "empty calories" and "calorie bombs", which is a large amount of fat, sweets, fatty meats, sausages and cheeses (especially yellow), beer, alcohol.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trouble digesting food

Inulin for digestive problems and constipation

Inulin, the component present in many foods. It cleanses the body and helps weight loss. If you are a person who complains of digestive problems, constipation, and besides gain weight, have little energy and mineral deficiencies, all these problems can be solved inulin.

Easily digestible food

Easily digestible diet menu

This diet is used in the most common diseases of the digestive system, but it plays an important role also in the prevention of many diseases. Easily digestible diet is a simple modification of the basic nutrition. It is easily digestible, if there is no indication of additional dietary should provide us with the same amount of energy of all the nutrients and as it is in the correct nutrition of healthy people.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Healthiest bread to eat

What is the healthiest bread?

Until recently, used to eat more than 100 kg of bread per person per year, and today the bread we reach for much less. A pity. Each bread provides us energy has little fat, protein and starch (carbohydrate), which gently and slowly raises the blood glucose level, giving a feeling of satiety.

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Copenhagen diet

Slimming diet Copenhagen

Principles of diet Copenhagen

Lunch and dinner can change each other, if it took place on the same day. The intention is to change the diet Copenhagen metabolism, which leads to the fact that after 13 day you can eat normally without fear of weight gain during the first two years.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healthiest diet in the world

As diet is the healthiest?

The principles of the Mediterranean diet

With this diet you can not only lose weight, but also take care of your heart. It should be to limit the consumption of red meat and processed meat (up to 2 times per week). Animal fats are replaced by the plant (should constitute 90% of the diet).

Monday, April 14, 2014

How to live and function of liver disease?

Life and functioning of liver disease

Proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins in the liver are in various states of biochemical transformations. Therefore, for the treatment and operation of the sick, inefficient liver is very important to proper diet. Let's examine how to care for a sick liver, and most importantly, how well the function of the liver disease.

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Inflammation of the colon mucosa

Problems with colon

With this ailment helps drinking yeast 1 tablespoon of yeast in half a glass of water, boil and drink cold at night. For this use herbs and Swedish in addition to breakfast eat 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed, 4 tablespoons of bran or wheat germ, 2 tablespoons of corn flakes, parsley, cumin, marjoram flooded with hot milk. To this add 1 tablespoon raisins.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Helicobacter pylori infection symptoms and treatment

How to deal with Helicobacter pylori?

Previously it was thought that the gastric and duodenal ulcers is responsible stress. However, this theory was disproved by two scientists Robin Warren and Barry Marshall discovered the fact that the lesions most commonly causes bacteria - Helicobacter pylori.

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What helps cinnamon?

Cinnamon and its medicinal properties

What is cinnamon

Cinnamon is an ancient spice that is used for thousands of years to flavor foods and beverages. In ancient times was considered to be more valuable than gold. Cinnamon is obtained from the bark of evergreen trees, which occur in Asia. Cinnamon bark contains essential oils, and is also a rich source of flavonoids with antioxidant activity.

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Healthy nuts for diet

Why is it worthwhile eating nuts?

Nuts are heavy, but it is worthwhile biting them through every day in small amounts. They are the source of fatty acids one - and polyunsaturated and for this reason are contributing to lower the bad cholesterol. It will be sufficient to eat the little portion of nuts so that they do the entire organism good.

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How to lower my cholesterol?

When excess cholesterol can harm?

Cholesterol itself is not dangerous for the heart and blood vessels, but the excess. Cholesterol is essential to many physiological processes in the organism - cell membranes, steroid hormone production, the immune system to work efficiently. 80% of our body produces cholesterol, and only the remaining 20% of the food supply.

Friday, March 14, 2014

How to clean the face?

How is the nature helping clean the darn?

Sage herb has astringent, purifying and soothing. An infusion of sage is recommended for people suffering from excessive sweating. You can also add a list of fresh sage tea and drink it every day to improve the condition of skin dirty and prone to the formation of pimples.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

When gastroscopy?

Indications and contraindications for gastroscopy

Indications for gastroscopy

Endoscopy because of its invasive nature of the surgery is not recommended for routine or for all patients. The indication for endoscopy will be complaints from the upper abdomen, or upper gastrointestinal tract.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Elderberry tincture recipe

Elderberry tincture to cleanse the body

Elderberry grows in wet places, on the banks of the forests, the rivers, in the gardens. Fruit is black with red berry juice. It flowers in May and June, and the fruit harvested in autumn. Contains tannins, valeric acid, sugars, pectins, essential oil, vitamins (B, C), potassium malate.

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Heartburn and heart attack

How to distinguish heartburn from a heart attack?

Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish from each other chest ailments that cause various causes. In fact, often are the result of gastroesophageal reflux disease, caused by regurgitation of stomach contents rich in hydrochloric acid into the esophagus.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Potentilla goose in the treatment of liver

Potentilla geese in the treatment of liver and biliary

Potentilla goose is a perennial of the family Rosaceae, almost cosmopolitan, widespread in Europe, with the exception of the northern extremities, Asia and North America, and occasionally in other parts of the world.

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Horehound for the treatment of liver

The use of white horehound for the treatment of liver and biliary

Horehound is a perennial that is distributed from the Canary Islands to Central Asia.

For medicinal purposes was collected from June to September, during the flowering leafy, flowering stems about halfway up, and breaks off and joins the list of countrymen and then dried in a drying natural, in the shade and the wind, spread a thin layer, or in drying slightly heated to a temperature of 35 degrees C.

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Oregano for the treatment of liver

Oregano for the treatment of liver and biliary

Oregano - perennial plant of the Labiatae family, which is present in Europe, Asia Minor and Siberia. For medicinal purposes are collected from June to September, the upper, densely leafy parts of flowering shoots common oregano. They are dried naturally in the shade and przewiewie or in the dryer is heated at 35 degrees C.

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Cumin for digestive problems

Tincture of cumin for better digestion

This tincture is recommended in digestive disorders and other ailments of the gastrointestinal tract and also is used in stomach pain and liver. Reduces intestinal fermentation, eliminates flatulence, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, increases peristalsis, acts relaxant.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

St. John's Wort tincture for liver problems

St. John's wort for the treatment of liver

Tincture is recommended in diseases of the liver and biliary tract, inflammation of the kidneys and urinary tract, stomach and bowel problems. It also helps in periodontal inflammation, migraine headaches, as well as tones voltage conditions.

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How to get rid of toxins?

What helps to toxins?

Toxins tend to be quite often the cause of ailments that afflict us. Accumulate in the body for years. They can be chronic headaches, indigestion, stomach problems, brittle nails, dull and dry hair, sallow complexion and dirty, trouble sleeping, nervousness.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tincture of cleansing the body

Tincture cleansing

Today, a very simple recipe for a tincture cleansing the body of toxins. It is recommended for the treatment of arteriosclerosis, internal bleeding, chronic gastritis and enteritis. Combats the symptoms associated with indigestion and food poisoning.

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Why use milk thistle?

Why is milk thistle?

The reason that this is the right job of the liver determines the proper functioning of the body, and from her fitness addicts are over 5000 functions in life and more than 500 chemical processes that take place inside our body. The liver also removes harmful toxins from the body.

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How fiber helps lower bad cholesterol?

The natural way to lower cholesterol

What is cholesterol?

It is a white, soft substance that is found in every cell in our body. Thinking that we do not need him wrong. It is needed for the production of cell membranes, eg, to produce hormones (including vitamin D).

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Treatment with charcoal on the liver and stomach

Charcoal for liver problems and stomach

Its high porosity, large amounts of gaps, cracks, corners, makes powdered charcoal absorbs the various harmful gases that arise eg in the intestines, also captures foreign proteins, toxic substances that the body excretes, and the remnants of metabolism or pollution reaching along with the food and the air.

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